Coupling of internal and external blinds is a practical and playful combination

Lagoon house is a unique project, distinguished due to modernized fragments of an ancient rural hut. The unique architecture perfectly blends with the natural environment, and therefore requires window covers matching the exterior. DOMUS LUMINA came up with a suitable solution for covering large showcase windows:
  • Stationary solar control blinds , preventing the entry of heat into the premises and perfectly matching the exterior of the house, were used for unconventionally shaped windows.
  • For covering the remaining part of the windows, 50 mm aluminum venetian blinds , designed to cover extra large windows and glass facades, were selected.
The combination of internal and external blinds did not only solve the problem of covering, but also perfectly blended within the facade of the house and the interior of the rooms. By matching one another, the blinds create integrity, while partial covering of the windows from the inside (the other part in outside) suggests playfulness, but does not impede the unique architecture of the house. 
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