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DOMUS LUMINA roller blinds adorn the Anykščiai district public library!

For the unconventionally shaped windows of the public library at the Anykščiai district, DOMUS LUMINA professionals offered roof blinds with 50 mm aluminum slats.
  • 50 mm aluminum roof blind slats allowed fully covering the window, effectively regulating the light flow and at the same time, fit the interior of the library rooms.
  • The system of 50 mm aluminum venetian blinds was installed on the wall windows of the building.
  • Color of the blinds was selected and matched to the window frame color.
  • The selected system of aluminum venetian blinds is designed to cover skylights, extra large windows and glass facades.
Despite the fact that geometric shapes of the windows of the mentioned building are irregular and occupy a large area, DOMUS LUMINA managed to perfectly solve the puzzle set by the architect, who designed the library.