Domus Lumina window coverings dressed up a cosy flat in London

We are glad to share with you yet another project implemented by our branch in the United Kingdom. Glamorous curtains and ‘Blackout' roller blinds have fitted perfectly to an especially modern flat in London. Even though a stunning view of a beautiful city meets the eye through the huge windows of the cosy flat, the best solutions on how to decorate them, so that the window coverings were not only stylish, but also provided protection from sun or passers-by, were found respecting the customer's preferences.
  • The curtains selected for the living room not only harmoniously fit into the modern interior, but have many other great qualities as well. Especially soft curtain fabric falls lightly and provides more elegance, instead of making the room feel weighed down. Once the curtains are closed, they provide protection from the eyes of passers-by. However, looking from the inside, one can enjoy the view through the window.
  • Modern and especially functional roller blinds with a ‘Blackout' fabric were selected for the bedroom space. This fabric blocks out sunlight and fully darkens the room, providing maximum comfort, and guaranteeing quality sleep. The trusted PRESTIGE-65 roller blind mechanism systems, which are made in Germany and have great performance, were used for these roller blinds. Plastic parts are resistant to wear as well as to changes of temperature, thus guaranteeing product longevity.

We are happy that our team has succeeded in making the customer's wishes come true and turning their environment not only into a modern, cosy and functional space, but also filling it with emotion.

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