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DOMUS LUMINA window coverings in an unprecedented innovation project ‘Aeronamai’

DOMUS LUMINA experts alongside with the architecture studio ‘Roda architects' have implemented an unprecedented innovation project ‘Aeronamai', where three different types of window coverings were used: facade venetian blinds, facade roller blinds and sun control system - lamels. The ‘Aeronamai', situated near the S. Darius and S. Girėnas airfield, is a residential complex, a demonstration innovation project in Kaunas, producing all the energy necessary to its exploitation.

‘Aeronamai' is an eighth building in Lithuania, certified with German ‘Passivhaus' certificates and complying with class A++ energy efficiency. Integrated facade venetian blinds, facade roller blinds and lamels selected for this project, are the best choice to ensure the sun control, energy and heat energy efficiency.

The aforementioned products became a part of a ‘smart home' and were integrated to its control system ‘Tahoma', which can be managed and programmed remotely through phone and/or wireless radio contact. Products connected to ‘Tahoma' can be controlled separately or all at once, setting parameters to different scenarios: choosing different programmes for working days or rest days, holidays, winter or summer. The energy efficiency of the house is an important aspect to consider while choosing a home, as the exploitation costs in such case are significantly lower. However, a comfortable living is also no less of an advantage. Therefore, balancing technical qualities, sustainability, design and comfort is by far the most enjoyable challenge while implementing such projects.


One of the innovative solutions that complement our production in this project is sun and wind sensors that respond to the climate change. Upon intensive sunlight or strong wind, the blinds shut automatically and vice versa. The customer has set the requirements to comply with the highest quality standards, appropriate for the project that has no equals in innovation, technology and energy efficiency. One of important criteria and challenges was to find a non-standard way to integrate blinds, which we succeeded in doing.

We are glad that our works speak on our behalf and make us evolve and seek for yet unseen innovative solutions and latest technological inventions.

Photographer: Norbert Tukaj.