DOMUS LUMINA wooden blinds at unpretentious home in Užupis

The experts of DOMUS LUMINA have taken part in another project of especially stylish home, filled with naturalness, textures and dynamic colours in the beautiful Užupis. The windows of this unpretentious home were adorned with wooden venetian blinds - a solution, distinguished by its naturalness, longevity and quality.
  • The wooden blinds with 50mm slats and a string ladder were mounted in the cosy kitchen area and calm bedroom space. The warm and natural wood colour was chosen from the ‘Basswood' wooden blinds range In order to maintain light and aesthetical interior.
  • The windows of the bathroom area were adorned with wooden blinds with 25mm slats. Upon the request of the client, the light slat colour was also chosen from the Basswood range, which fits the general interior, does not dim the room, creates clean and cosy environment and an impression of calmness.
  • Without all the usual advantages, the chosen wooden blinds withhold both heat and cold, as the wood has insulating features. The blinds keep the warmth inside when the cold from glass penetrates the room in winter, and withhold the heat outside on hot summer's day.

Wooden venetian blinds mounted at our client's home not only provide an effective protection from sun, but also fills the home with warmth, cosiness, naturalness and harmony.

More information about the project available here.

Interior title - ‘Souths'. Interior designer - Greta Mockutė. Interior photographer - Antanas Štrimaitis.

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