DOMUS LUMINA wooden blinds decorate windows in InMedica clinic in Vilnius

The DOMUS LUMINA team contributed to the modern InMedica clinic project in Vilnius. Solutions according to modern standards were applied in the contemporary building - wooden venetian blinds.

  • Total amount of wooden blinds: 118;
  • Blind slats of 25 mm and 50 mm with tape ladder were used;
  • Light color was chosen according to the client's demand and it matches the clinic interior perfectly, does not obscure the rooms, creates clean, cozy and calm environment;
  • In addition to the advantages of the usual blinds, wooden venetian blinds preserve both warmth and cold because the wood has insulating characteristics. Blinds preserve the heat in winter when the cold enters the room from the glass and preserve the heat in summer.
  • Wooden blinds scatter the light in rooms perfectly and there is no visibility from outside. There is no need to raise the blinds in order to adjust the outside lighting: only the angle of the slats is adjusted by directing the light to the floor or ceiling. Blinds are operated by cord and rod.

Wooden venetian blinds in InMedica clinic not only protect from the sun, but also provide warmth and coziness to the clinic.

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