Facade roller blinds with a unique ‘Screen’ fabric perfectly fitted the house exterior

The DOMUS LUMINA team has finished another non-standard project. We have covered the windows of the marvellous house of our client with lightweight construction façade roller blinds with a unique ‘Screen' fabric that perfectly fitted the house exterior:
  • 3 façade roller blinds were mounted in total.
  • The main peculiarity of this project was an impressive height of the product. Not every manufacturer could offer 6 metres high roller blinds. DOMUS LUMINA, however, has implemented this without any trouble.
  • The ‘Screen' fabric selected to cover the windows allows sitting in the room and enjoying the pleasant view through large windows, at the same time covering the scorching sun, which can become a problem in hot summer. Due to the patented fabric technology, the façade roller blinds reflect up to 90 % of direct sunlight. Because of this feature, the roller blinds do not allow the room to heat up, which reduces the costs of air conditioning and other ventilation systems.
  • The ZIIP façade roller blind system was chosen for these façade roller blinds. This system is unique as it prevents the wind from displacing the fabric out of the rails.
  • The façade roller blind system was powder-dyed using the RAL colour palette, which both perfectly fits the house façade and is resistant to the impact of precipitation, as well as corrosion.
  • The automatic control of our well-established and trusted partner French company ‘Somfy' was chosen for these roller blinds, allowing the remote control of the products all together or separately. This is one of the best choices within the market. The automatic control nowadays can satisfy even the most elaborate needs of the clients, ranging from remote control to voice control via Amazon Alexa.
The façade roller blinds mounted by DOMUS LUMINA allows the owners to enjoy the refreshing coolness at home and a beautiful landscape even when the roller blinds are shut. We are happy to be able to create a cosy, comfortable and modern standard matching home for our clients!
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