Facade venetian blinds 'Moller Auto' is a practical and stylish solution

DOMUS LUMINA specialists selected the facade venetian blinds to cover the facade windows of modern 'Moller Auto' building.

The client wanted multiple functions: the coverings had to protect the building rooms against unwanted sunlight, they had to be practical, easily controlled and maintained, and also they had to perfectly fit to the facade exterior. Technical solutions for this project:

  • Self-support system.
  • Boxes adapted for blinds and guides from extruded aluminum OVAL system.
  • The blinds are mounted to aluminum-glass facade, which requires special precision and carefulness.
  • The facade blinds have electric drives; therefore they can be controlled remotely using a rocker switch, remote control or phone.

Facade venetian blinds mounted by DOMUS LUMINA not only perfectly solved the problem of covering the windows, but also ideally fitted to the facade exterior of the modern building.
Photographer: Artiom Ištuganov.

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