Functional Domus Lumina blinds in subtle RG CLINIC interior

Modern clinics are courageously overcoming stereotypes by selecting lofts or other unusual spaces as their premises, and RG clinic has become one of them. DOMUS LUMINA experts participated in the design of a subtle, natural and modern interior for the clinic.

Having in mind that special requirements had to be met during the fitting-out operations in the clinic, including the requirement to maintain natural light, the ambassadors of window-covering selected the most suitable solution - functional cassette roller blinds:

  • The premises were equipped with a total of 6 roller blinds with the Supra system, allowing the fabric to roll onto the roller tube, covered in a special aluminium cap. On opening the window, the fabric of the roller blind remains fixed close to the glass due to special guides;
  • A white-coloured fabric was selected for the blinds, perfectly blending into the subtle interior of the clinic and helping maintain the feel of cleanliness and naturalness;
  • Semi-translucent fabric protects the privacy of the premises and smoothly filters, rather than blocks, light.
We are glad that the DOMUS LUMINA team have succeeded in fulfilling the client's wishes and have created, together with interior design professionals, a subtle interior, which will be a pleasure for the eyes and taste of every visitor!
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