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Functionality and a natural touch in a modish home in Užupis

DOMUS LUMINA team has made its contribution to the project of a modern house in Užupis. This stylish apartment incorporated modern solutions corresponding to the contemporary standards, i.e. horizontal wood blinds.
  • In the teen bedroom, horizontal wood blinds with the 50 mm slat size and cord loop were installed. To maintain light and aesthetical interior design, a warm and natural wood colour was selected from the Bamboo wood blinds collection.
  • Bathroom windows were covered with 25 mm slat size blinds. By client's request, a light slat colour with black trimmings was selected from Basswood collection, which worked together with the general interior design. It does not block light, creates clean and cosy atmosphere and gives a feeling of calmness.
  • Beside all the well-known advantages, the selected horizontal wood blinds have insulating properties and reflect both heat and cold. These blinds preserve heated air in the room in winter when cold air disseminate from window glass, and traps the heat during a hot summer day.

Horizontal wood blinds installed in our client's home not only ensure efficient protection from sunlight but also brings warmth and cosiness to the room adding to it a touch of natural beauty and harmony.

Interior: Keturi kampai / Location: Užupio Krantinės / photo: Leonas Garbačauskas