Horizontal blinds for facade in a passive house

Experts at DOMUS LUMINA have adapted the horizontal blinds for facade in a private house which meets all requirements for this house type according to Passive House Institute established in Germany. The client requested to reduce extremely high solar heat gain on southern windows because it resulted in high cooling costs and did not allow to feel comfortable at home.
  • The horizontal blinds for facade with the C-shape aluminium lamels of 80 m m width were assembled in a private house.
  • The blinds are controlled using Tahoma from Somfy. This smart control system allows the client to control the blinds with a smartphone.
  • A sunlight intensity sensor is mounted on the outside and a room temperature sensor is mounted on the inside. When the outdoor sensor senses that it is a daytime and a certain limit of luxes is achieved, and depending on the indoor temperature, the blinds raise or lower, their lamels rotate at a certain angle.
  • They also have a wind sensor. If the wind is too strong, the blinds are raised, thus they are protected from the wind and potential damages. 
  • The raised blinds are not visible at all. There is no need to attach additional boxes which deface the facade on the exterior, and when lowered the blinds also look pretty.

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