Innovations and non-standard solutions

National Center for Physical Sciences and Technology is a unique project in which the team of DOMUS LUMINA has used innovations and highly non-standard solutions.
  • The premises of the laboratories of the Science Center are equipped with the cassette roller blinds with façade systems R90 and R103. Considering the customer's request that the premises would be shaded by 100%, the systems were additionally improved and additional profiles and brushes for tightness were equipped. These decisions required particular care, accurateness and precision.
  • Office premises are equipped with classic C32 roller blinds with SCREEN fabric. The white Screen fabric and a white mechanism with a white chain were chosen for the roller blinds which perfectly match both the interior of business science center and the exterior of the building. Screen fabric is one of the most qualitative, most advanced and environment-friendly products on the market. This fabric ensures light transmission in the room, completely splits the sun's rays; also, this fabric does not darken the premises and instead creates an acceptable environment for the human eye. The fabric is translucent, which is an advantage, since it allows you to see the outside view from the inside of the premises when the windows are closed with the roller blind. This fabric is especially suitable for offices since it protects from sunlight reflection on the computer screen. It allows dimming the bright sunlight so that there is no need to squint in the room - eyes are not afraid of the light.
DOMUS LUMINA production is selected paying attention not only to their functionality but also to their ability to maintain a stylish, modern interior design.
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