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Luxurious DOMUS LUMINA window coverings

DOMUS LUMINA together with "Top Design and Architecture studio" has implemented yet another unique project and decorated the windows of the modern private house in Kaunas.

Taking into the account the wishes of the client and the purpose of the rooms, the different window coverings were chosen: in some rooms the windows were decorated with daytime and nighttime curtains, in others - the practical, functional roman blinds that fit perfectly into the interior were selected. In this way, the elegance of the private house intertwines with the minimalist aesthetics of contemporary life and the great result is guaranteed.

The beautiful window coverings have not only become the accent of some of the house's room interiors, but they also protect from the heat of the sunlight and the sight of passersby.

It is great that together with the interior design professionals we can turn the client houses into the modern, luxurious and functional spaces!