Modern solution for covering windows at the offices of Grand Office

DOMUS LUMINA contributed to professional Grand Office design decisions and proposed modern technological roller blinds for covering windows.

  • Windows on 22 floors, over 1500 m2, have been covered.
  • For covering windows, roller blinds with one of the most modern and most environmentally-friendly fabrics in the market, "screen" fabric, were chosen. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that when it decomposes sunrays, it does not darken the room, yet it creates an acceptable environment for the human eye.
  • The fabric is transparent, which is an advantage, as this allows seeing the outside view from inside of the room even with the shut roller blinds; therefore, this is an ideal solution for the office premises.
  • A reliable and stable German quality PRESTIGE-44 roller blind mechanism system was used, which is made of extruded (alloyed) aluminum profiles, characterized by particularly good resistance properties, and high-quality plastic parts that are resistant to temperature changes and wear.
  • The selected gray high-quality roller blind mechanism system perfectly matches the fabric.
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