Modular partitions at the modern medical center

DOMUS LUMINA contributed to design works and creation of interior of the contemporary and modern family medical center "Saulės šeimos medicinos centras."

  • For interior space and office planning, DOMUS LUMINA experts recommended the use of tight frame modular partitions, which ensure doctor-patient privacy.
  • High-quality and durable frame modular partition materials are marked by a very good sound insulation, thereby creating a peaceful and workable environment.
  • Surfaces of the used HOYEZ H7 system designed for offices and public buildings are easy to clean, thus the medical center maintains sterility and cleanliness.

Frame modular partitions recommended by DOMUS LUMINA facilitated spatial planning works for the family medical center "Saulės šeimos medicinos centras" and established an image of a modern and progressive center.


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