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Pergola Pergolux - practicality, unique design and automatic control

One of the most important accents of the modern exterior is a terrace, as well as every detail surrounding it. DOMUS LUMINA has received a client's request to provide an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the fresh air in the wonderful terrace with a view of pine forest without a fear of rapidly changing weather conditions.
  • Specialists at DOMUS LUMINA have recommended one of the most attractive solutions - pergola Pergolux.
  • It is an ideal option to mount an arbour to the building, to build it as an independent structure or to mount it between the walls or on the structure. 
  • The opening roof will not only allow you to enjoy sunbathing, but also it will protect you from unexpected rain.
  • The roof of pergola is controlled automatically. This provides maximum comfort and allows opening and closing the roof without standing up. 
  • Acrylic fabric is a three layer fabric DRIPLUX - it blocks heat and it is resistant to fire and water.
  • This product (100% aluminum design) is lightweight, durable and maintenance-free.
The mounted pergola fits the modern exterior design perfectly and it creates the image of modern housing!