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Pleated blinds Prestige decorate windows of a house in Sweden

Large showcase windows with a door to a terrace are an integral part of a modern house. However, the client faced the problem of protecting himself from the heat of the summer sun and the sight of passersby. Specialists at DOMUS LUMINA have offered a solution - pleated blinds with Prestige system:
  • Pleated blinds were selected because they keep a stable shape and fit perfectly to the window glass, that's why they do not interfere with the opening of windows or doors.
  • The Messa Pearl 10460, a light colored fabric for pleated blinds, is chosen to let the light into the house, but it also protects from direct sunlight, so the clients can enjoy the daylight even after lowering the blinds and have some privacy at home. 
  • The blinds were matched with a mechanism from a Prestige line made by a globally known German manufacturer BENTHIN - white colored PR 1615 type. The system is made of extruded (cast) aluminum profiles, which are distinguished by exceptionally good durability and resistance properties, as well as high-quality plastic parts which are resistant to temperature changes and wear. The products of this line - equipment, components and technologies - come from the most reliable hands!
Products of DOMUS LUMINA are selected not only because of their functionality but also in order to maintain a stylish and modern interior design.