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Panel blind of exclusive design from a fabric line by a famous artist Jūratė Rekevičiūtė is a modern interior accent

In modern interior style, window cover is an important accent like any other detail. DOMUS LUMINA received a customer request to cover large windows of a private house. The client wanted an exclusive, original window cover, consistent with and complementing stylishly harmonized elements of the interior. We looked for an unconventional solution.
  • DOMUS LUMINA specialists recommended covering showcase windows with a panel blind, the fabric for which was selected from the personal Jūratė Rekevičiūtė's collection line.
  • The selected panel blind is ideal for covering large showcase windows, while four panel blind rails with four fabrics allow covering only the sunny part of the window, leaving a part of the window exposed, thus ensuring a good lighting of the room.
  • The selected fabric is a product of a unique style that has no equivalents in Lithuania; it is reminiscent of a piece of art on the window. Chosen plant motifs perfectly fit with the view overlooking the woods, whilst the bluish color and stylized leaf pattern blend within the carefully chosen interior elements.
Manufactured screen perfectly matches the interior design and creates an image of a modern dwelling.