Screen roller blinds and modular partitions at the modern Utena business center

Interior of Utena business center is unique in that Domus Lumina team with the help of architects and clients made special design decisions and turned this object into an exclusive one.
  • A total of 729 m2 of partitions were installed in the business center. Domus Lumina professionals seeking to separate office premises from sales premises chose glass and blind H7 system modular partitions, which are characterized by a special design, quick installation and easy maintenance. The interior of this glass building is exceptional in that on its first floor, a full-height door with the aluminum profile frame is installed; on the second floor, a full-height frameless glass door is installed; on the third floor, a full-height wooden blind door is installed.
  • We decorated non-standard large windows of the glass building with traditional roller blinds made of Screen fabric. Brownish Screen fabric and white mechanism with a white chain chosen for roller blinds perfectly match both the interior of the business center and the exterior of the building. Screen fabric is one of the highest quality, most modern and most environmentally friendly products in the market. This fabric ensures light transmission in the room, completely scatters sunlight, does not darken the premises and creates a tolerable environment for the human eye. The fabric is transparent, and this becomes an advantage, as it allows seeing the outside view from inside the room even with the windows covered. This fabric is particularly suitable for offices, since it protects against sun reflection on the computer screen. It dims the blinding sunlight; thus, there is no need to squint in the room, the eyes are not afraid of the light.
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