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The latest facade roller blind system at a Lithuanian homestead

We covered the windows of a Lithuanian homestead using facade roller blinds with a unique Screen fabric. Customer's exterior was finalized, so we felt it should not be overloaded with additional details. DOMUS LUMINA offered to choose facade blinds featuring light design, which perfectly integrated into the exterior of the house:
  • Facade roller blinds with 5% density Screen fabric were selected for covering the windows. Screen fabric allows enjoying a beautiful view through the large windows while sitting in the room, yet blocks the sultry sun, which becomes a rather big issue in the summer, because the house is not exposed to any shadow.
  • The selected COUPAGE Screen fabric is an unconventional choice. The brownish fabric perfectly blends with the walls of the house and the roof coating, while the pattern reminiscent of the authentic woven fabric, ideally reflects the Lithuanian spirit.
  • The latest facade roller blind system ZIIP120 introduced this year was chosen for facade roller blinds. The uniqueness of this system lies in the fact that it prevents the wind from blowing the fabric out of the guides. This factor was especially true for the client residing in a windy area.
  • Facade roller blind system was painted based on RAL palette, so that it would be a perfect match to the window frame color of the customer's home.
  • SOMFY automation was chosen to control roller blinds; it enabled managing each product individually or all at once by means of a remote control.
Facade roller blinds allow owners to enjoy refreshing coolness of the house and beautiful scenery even with the lowered blinds. The customer with the entire family spends cozy evenings on the terrace of the house, decorated with a DOMUS LUMINA awning.