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The products of DOMUS LUMINA in the interior of HILTON GARDEN INN

The public areas, such as the restaurant, bar, lobby, rest area, etc. on the ground floor of the HILTON GARDEN INN (4*) VILNIUS were trusted to UAB "Domus Lumina". The team of architects emphasised the quality, lightness and technical characteristics of the fabric. All these requirements were met by choosing the fabric of German supplier. The fabric is transparent, so it does not dim the daylight, creates lightness, elegance and cosiness in the room, at the same time harmoniously fitting the general interior of the said areas. This accent does not become predominant when fitted to the whole interior, highlighting other interior elements.

No less attention was paid to the tailoring quality and accessories, so that the hanging curtains matched the visualization and pleased the eye of the visitors as soon as they enter the hotel. The professional tailoring team of UAB "Domus Lumina" has met these requirements. This was not a hard task as the result that meets the needs of the client is a greatest objective to our team. Of course, the ceiling rails were needed in order for the curtains to fall pretty and be easily drawn. Such rails were mounted onto the special niches. Even though the rails are not visible, they have a very important function. The insistent team of architects chose the UAB "Domus Lumina" rails, which are very high quality due to the varnishing inside, which enables to draw the curtains easily and quietly.

We are glad to have been able to take part in creating the interior of this hotel.