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Vertical Blinds with Prestige system and Screen fabric - an incredible solution for Hotel windows

DOMUS LUMINA team has decorated the windows of the Šiauliai Hotel with the vertical blinds Prestige and Screen fabric.

The client had a difficulty in how to cover the big display windows of the Hotel because of a lot of sunlight coming into the room and also to shade themselves from the curious glances of passersby.

  • Total 8 Blinds have been installed.
  • A Screen fabric - ecological, most modern and one of the highest quality products on the market has been selected for the Vertical Blinds. This fabric ensures the light transmission into the room, completely disperses the rays of the sun, does not darken the room and creates an acceptable environment for the human eye. The fabric is translucent and this is an advantage because it allows us to see the view outside from the inside of the room even when the windows are covered. This fabric is particularly suitable for the offices, because it protects computer screens from the solar light reflections. It dims the blinding sunlight, so you do not squint in the room - eyes are not afraid of the light.
  • Due to the product size and the weight of the fabric a German Prestige system for Vertical Blinds has been chosen. The System is made from an extruded (cast) aluminum profiles which have a particularly good durability and strength properties as well as high-quality plastic parts, which are resistant to temperature changes and wane.
  • Vertical Blinds can gather into one or the other side or from the centre to the sides when pulling the string. The turning angle of the stripes is adjusted with a chain. The width of the stripes is 127 mm.

Prestige line Vertical Blinds with Screen fabric - a perfect synthesis of creation, design and manufacture!