Windows of the printing house “Spindulio Spaustuvė” are covered with venetian facade blinds

Printing house "Spindulio Spaustuvė" faced a problem of too much heat penetrating the premises through large showcase windows in the summer time. Internal window covers protect from the direct sunlight, yet those have not solved the problem of overheating of the premises. We opted for facade blinds for the printing house:
  • Facade blinds cover 277 m2.
  • Facade blinds of very large dimensions were manufactured for the object: 4 m wide and 4 m high.
  • For strengthening the structure and ensuring stability, additional aluminum guides were selected and installed.
  • 80 mm wide slats were chosen for manufacturing blinds (C-80).
  • Color of the blinds was picked to match the color of the window frames of the building.
  • An automated control system that allows easy light control in the room by means of a remote control, thus protecting the premises from overheating, was installed in window covers.
  • Object windows are at the height of 11 meters, thus the installation took place on the aerial platform.
Facade blinds were the right solution for the problem. 

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