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NEW! Choose “SUNWOOD” and “DECOWOOD” from 45 colours and finishes!

We start the big changes in our assortment with wooden blinds! The naturalness of wood reminds us all of home and safety, warmth and cosiness. Nowadays, this natural element serves to decorate our homes in forms of flooring, furniture or window décor. We observe wood patterns, colours and finishes in most of interior pieces, as it probably is the most wanted interior element!

We at "DOMUS LUMINA" have supplemented our wide range of wooden blinds with 2 new and broad "SUNWOOD" and "FAUXWOOD" ranges with 37 new colours!

The "SUNWOOD" collection will charm you with its naturalness, subtle colours and fantastic looks:

  • 24 colours, matching interiors of any colour;
  • charming wood finish;
  • pleasant to touch, natural surface that does not collect dust; 
  • exceptional quality, complying with the highest standards of European manufacturers; 
  • a long-term investment to unique product; 
  • attention to safety - every blind is safe for your children;
  • the wood is produced with the environmental sustainability;
  • a large choice of accessories - you choose the way your blinds will look like by choosing the finish, weights, stripes and other accessories; 
  • possible to operate manually as well as with an electric actuator.

The "FAUXWOOD" collection - is a real saviour for those who would like their wooden blinds in areas, where natural wood cannot be used due to the environmental impact, which changes the properties of natural substances. Therefore, from now on you will be able to enjoy the blinds from our "FAUXWOOD" range of decorative wood even in your bathroom and kitchen! This collection is distinctive due to the:

  • special resistance to environmental impact;
  • great price, suitable for projects with limited budget; 
  • durability and quality; 
  • wide colour range - 13 colours and 21 different finishes, matching both classic and modern interiors; 
  • pleasant to touch surface finish; 
  • attention to safety - every blind is safe for your children;
  • large choice of accessories - you choose the way your blinds will look like by choosing the finish, weights, stripes and other accessories;
  • possible to operate manually as well as with an electric actuator.

Discover new colours of life by decorating your stylish windows with our natural wooden blinds!




The approaching summer and hot sun invite us to spend as much time as possible outside, in a cosy terrace, to enjoy the fresh air and cherish every passing moment. Therefore, we at DOMUS LUMINA have wonderful news only for our beloved clients - a terrace awning "ELEGANCE" ! It is a combination of quality and dainty, with notes of elegance. This awning is a perfect choice for those who seek for attractive and high-quality products that adorn the facade as well as protect from hot sun or light rain!
The advantages of terrace awnings "ELEGANCE":
  • Patented arm systems - the only systems in the world with fully covered arms;
  • 3rd class wind resistance (applicable to awnings up to 480cm x 200cm size) ;
  • All-aluminium cassette;
  • 100% protection of fabric when closed;
  • Exceptionally silent-working cassette;
  • Two possible construction colour options - white and anthracite;
  • Possibility to install on the wall or ceiling.
We kindly invite You to our DOMUS LUMINA salons! Purchasing our products You may exercise the free-of-charge sales lease - You will be able to defer Your first contribution for 3 months without increase in price and without any initial contribution.


New blackout fabrics - scandinavian quality and naturality!

We would like to present a novelty that will conquer all the hearts of trendy colours lovers!
Nine pleasantly neutral colours will liven up the windows and decorate the surroundings.
"Black Out" fabrics are very functional when complete darkening of the room is required. The fabric is covered in acrylic layer, which stops the sunlight and ensures a good sleep without any light disturbances coming from outside.
  • Only "Black Out" fabrics can ensure 100% opacity. They are perfect for bedrooms, photography studios, or rooms with projector;
  • The back of the fabric is white, which reflects most of the sunlight and looks neat from the outside;
  • Neutral palette of the fabrics will look stylish and professional at home or office.

Discover "Black Out" and other functional fabrics аt our showrooms!


NEW! Fabrics TORRES - discover the new colours!

Discover the whole color symphony within our new fabric collection - TORRES! What makes it special is that all the different coloured threads are woven together into one fabric to create a nice flow of single colour. These playful shades then can be easily matched to any multicoloured interiors.

Fifteen different shades of fabrics will highlight the accents of your interior and decorate your windows with luxurious textures.

  • TORRES fabrics are easy to look after - they are water resistant, which makes them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms;
  • The fabrics do not contain any harmful substances;
  • The fabrics absorb and reflect most of the sunlight which will protect the rooms from heat.

Stylish and functional fabrics TORRES are already in our showrooms. Come and choose your favourite colour!                     


New! Control Your roller blinds with one click!

We are pleased to announce our new automatic control for traditional roller blinds - TOUCH&GO.

This system stands out for its economic value, which makes it available to everyone. From now on - even more comfort for the best value!

The system has great advantages that will help with everyday tasks:

  • The system is powered by AA alkaline batteries, so there is no need to install any wiring or spend any additional money for electric installations. Batteries are fitted into a tube that is mounted in the least visible space - behind the roller blind.
  • No intricate chains and cords - the wand is especially safe and practical choice for childrens room. Control wand is positioned stationarily right next to the roller blind, up to a third of the roller blinds length. And as kids love to play with remote controls and quickly forget where they've put them - this will never happen with the wand.
  • Simple and fast control with a press of a button! There is no need to push a button continuously in order to fully open or close the roller blind - just press it once and carry on making your favourite cup of coffee!

We believe that this addition to automatic controls for roller blinds will gladen customers seeking comfort, time saving, and who value english quality for a special price.


Pantone colour of the year is already announced: how to make it embelish your home?

The announcement of the colour of the year is one of the most anticipated events that the design industry specialists await. Pantone‘s choice for this year is Living Coral. This shade is introduced as lighthearted, relaxing, cosy and warming. The last year‘s Ultra Violet showed a non-traditional, exceptional thinking, however, this year encourages optimism and joy. So how to match this one of the strongest interior design tendencies with curtains and other window coverings?

  • Why choose Living Coral for home?

On one hand this colour seems to be calming and relaxing, nevertheless, it is vivid and vibrant. This peculiar combination adds unique as well as universal qualities to the colour. Therefore the pink shade of corals can be applied as a main as well as an accent piece.

According to the Pantone institute, this colour was chosen to make our daily surroundings more natural. Living Coral is positive, it represents interpersonal relationships and the feeling of hope. This colour can help curtains or roller blinds to create cosy and warm atmosphere at home, at the same time keeping up with the newest trends of interior design.

  • How to apply it to window coverings?

The easiest way to create cosy home is to carefully use all the details including window coverings. Window decoration is very important as it can help to visually widen the space and to fill it with various emotions. It is important to understand that it is not only a mere tool to protect yourself from sights of passers-by.

If you want this trendy colour to embelish your home, it is worth noting certain peculiarities. We provide you with some advice:

  • Make your window covering an accent piece. Roller blinds, curtains, roller shutters or other window coverings can become a great accent piece of a room. However, make sure that there are more pieces in the same coral tone, for example - pillow cases, bed covers, rugs or lamps.
  • Combine other colours. Living Coral goes particularly well with white, pale gray, deep blue, white coffee, milk chocolate, bluish green, forest tones. The peculiar, playful effect accentuating this trendy colour is created applying these tones. 
  • Get wanted effect with texture and richness. If you wish to create a strong, sophisticated effect, choose matte, as if muted tones. If you lack cosiness, warmth, choose more warm, stronger coral or other matching tones. If you want more calm, choose soft, pale, barely noticeable tones.

Roller blinds, as well as curtains, blinds or other window coverings are a great way to apply the trendy colour tendency. You only need to reflect before decorating what effect in which room you want to create and consistently work towards it. If you are not sure about your choice, you can always talk it over with our consultants or you can simply request our consultant coming to your home. He will help you to decide about the best tones as well as the type and size of the covering. Do not hesitate aplying this charming colour as it will instantly fill your home with cosiness, peculiarity and comfort, created by your window coverings, which you will be able to enjoy years to come.


We are exited to present the biggest new this autumn - MIRAGE BLINDS!

"Mirage" blinds are a newest creation that is taking over the window blind market. A combination of two classical products is reborn in a yet unseen form - curtain-like fabric vanes, that are controlled the same way as vertical blinds. Fabric vanes partially overlay each other and create a continuous flow of fabric. Fabric vane composition contains transparent and opaque parts that fulfil the day and night fabric functions. "Mirage" is a unique solution that provides the subtle daylight control and ensures privacy at the same time. The curtains perfectly keep the sunlight away when closed and retain the view when open.
  • Easily controlled - the vanes can be moved to each side of the window, using a wand or a string.
  • Privacy - the vanes can be rotated to give full or partial privacy from outsiders; 
  • Functionality - a possibility to walk through the blind - in between the vanes - without having to open them completely. Perfect for terrace entrances and balconies.
  • Easy to look after - fabric vanes are dirt-resistant; In case of staining, separate vanes can be dismounted and handwashed. 
  • Safe - "Mirage" contains "Child safety" accessories that ensure the safety of children.
  • Practical - there's ability to choose curtains with different length of vanes.

Curtain vanes come in 6 stylish colors that will fit in with any office environment or a cozy home:

  • Milk (Whisper 01)
  • Cream (Whisper 02)
  • Beige (Whisper 03)
  • Cacao (Whisper 04)
  • Titanium (Whisper 05)
  • Espresso (Whisper 06)




While creating the unique window covering solutions DOMUS LUMINA contributes not only to the cosy interior of your home or office, but also to the better future of Lithuanian economy!

We were evaluated by CREDITINFO, one of the largest credit bureaus in Lithuania, which granted the certificate STRONGEST IN LITHUANIA 2018 to DOMUS LUMINA! This certificate confirms that we are reliable partners, we have an excellent reputation and we are guided by rational solutions!

This nomination once again proves that we are responsible and stable employers who provide all the benefits to our employees. At our company we develop honest and united cooperation, and we value employee loyalty and work in accordance with the principle of teamwork.

DOMUS LUMINA has been specializing in window coverings for over 11 years. We are a modern innovative company; therefore, we continuously improve our knowledge, follow market trends and technological innovations. The essence of our responsible work is high quality of products and service. CREDITINFO evaluation encourages us to continue to be leaders, strengthen customer confidence, maintain a good image and work for the benefit of our clients! After all, DOMUS LUMINA has intelligent solutions for stylish windows!


New! Four new BLACK OUT roller blind colours!

Decorate your home with nature inspired colours! We have updated our BLACK OUT roller blind assortment with 4 new fabrics that will liven up your windows and add functionality. Rich shades of green and brown will accent the interior decorations and natural looking birch bark-like texture will elegantly blend in with your home environment.

BLACK OUT roller fabrics carry out very important functions:

  • Rubberized fabric layer blocks out any light that tries to shine through the fabric making it the perfect blind for photo studios, conference halls, children rooms and for people who work at night and sleep in daytime;
  • The silver layer of the rubber reflects the sunlight and helps keeping optimal temperatures during hot season.

Purchase "Domus Lumina" roller blinds with the new fabrics and with a new rechargeable motor! The new roller blind motor offers these advantages:

  • Ability to control from a distance using a remote control;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Battery power supply can perform up to 300 cycles!

"Domus Lumina" follows newest trends in window blinds and their technologies to offer the best products and a widest assortment!


NEW PVC vertical blind collection!

PVC vertical slats have become the latest trend of modern interior expression. Practical, easy to care for and a comfortably navigable product is something that every busy client is looking for in order to spend less time on home chores.

Belgian PVC vertical slats produced in ecological factory, an ideal product for large windows and sliding doors. Vertical slats are a universal choice for window coverings and have a lot of special qualities to offer:

  • Made from PVC. PVC is a plastic material with a good chemical resistance such as low burning class and resistance to UV rays. This quality plastic is also economical and ecological meaning that used products can be recycled.
  • Slats have antistatic qualities and do not attract dust and dirt.
  • Smooth PVC surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 
  • Slat combination makes it easy to keep optimal temperatures - this is why during summer the inside of the premises will not heat up, and during winter - will not let the heat escape.
  • Synthetic blind slats have sufficient weight to hang perfectly vertical, so they do not require any weights or tangly chains that connect them together.

Technical data:

  • Width - 89 mm (±1)
  • Max length - 6 m
  • Weight up to 120 g per meter
  • Light tightness - 100% (except translucent slats)
  • Fire resistant
  • Heat reflection (up to 80%)
  • Sunlight reflection (up to 80%)
  • Colour fastness 7-8 and high UV resistance
  • Antistatic qualities
  • No bottom chain necessary
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality PVC
  • Recyclable

Here at "Domus Lumina" we always keep updating our assortment with the most modern, practical and quality window coverings that will satisfy any customers needs.


We are pleased to introduce 10 new types for PRESTIGE pleated blinds that will create a lot of new possibilities for your windows!

We are pleased to introduce 10 new types for PRESTIGE pleated blinds that will create a lot of new possibilities for your windows.

The new types include:

  • PR2600, PR2602, PR2612, PR2615 and PR2626 for skylights with leaning angle up to 60 degrees.
  • New model PR3600, for windows with leaning angle range between 45 and 90 degrees. This type of blind can be mounted on horizontal observatory windows!
  • New types with two fabric possibility PR1620, PR1622, PR1626 and PR1720. If You cannot make up your mind on which fabric to choose - You can choose both! Interchange between the fabrics by adjusting which one should be more visible. Or choose daytime fabric with blackout fabric and You will have a blind with a curtain function!

New pleated blind models features:

  • High quality plastic components resistant to temperature changes and scratches;
  • All new types controlled by handle, except PR1720, which is controlled with a cord;
  • White and silver mechanisms with matching components will elegantly blend in with interior space.

PRESTIGE blinds are great quality products that will serve their purpose for a long time and will bring joy with its practicality and look. German precision and modern technologies ensure the quality of these products. These novelties and a wide choice of fabrics to complement Your interior decor can be found at Domus Lumina.



Bring summer into your home!

Summer is bringing us some fresh coloured news! New pastel wooden blind collection delights us with its naturalness! We hope that these enchanting colors will delight those who wish to decorate their windows with these fantastic wooden blinds.
Every wooden strip from Greywood collection charms with its subtle color hues:

Ivory shade - is a classic color of luxury, which reminds of a hot sandy beach. This soft and light shade is easy to match with any interior decor style.
Grey pebble shade - is a modern shade that perfectly matches today's urban interior tendencies. Grey strips will be a stylish addition to concrete style furniture or other similar toned interior details.
Grey mauve shade - has some eye-catching red and violet hues which are calming and soothing. The gentle shade resembles of a foggy morning in a rose garden and will create a romantic mood in any room.
Minty grey shade - transfers to a pastel forest, this shade will freshen-up the windows and create a feeling of being in a forest, surrounded by organicity and nature.

Technical data:
  • 50mm in width;
  • 4 new colours;
  • Quality and lightweight wood from magnolia tree family - imperial Paulownia.

These four colours will complement "Domus Lumina" wooden palette collection, livening and widening your choice. Our high quality and practical wooden blinds are a combination of lightness and strength, with a remarkable texture and finish. Real wood blinds will enhance the overall natural feel and make any window look stylish and tasteful.



Strength, longevity and modernity - all in one! This season we introduce our new awning - Moderno.
Best quality ensured by LLAZA company's patented system. LLAZA products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the directives for length, strength, resistance and safety stipulated by European norm unE-En 13561:2004 + A1:2009.
Moderno awning has a full cassette cover. The cassette allows the construction and fabric to fully retract and close up inside, which helps with the awning upkeep. Unlike other awnings, Moderno has it's arm springs concealed so the product will maintain a clean and modern look.
This awning is a good choice for those who live in windier areas - Moderno has a second class wind resistance (for up to 480cm in length). To make the evenings outside cosier - the awning cassette has an integrated LED lighting.
To diversify the awning, You can choose from 3 different construction colours: white, silver, anthracite and a wide variety of fabrics that will captivate with a choice of patterns and colours.


New hottest season colours in awning fabric assortment!

This season we are offering 127 new fabrics to choose from for the awning of Your choice! Only at Domus Lumina You will always find one of the biggest fabric assortments that have great quality. The new fabrics will surprise You with their harmonious color palettes and amazing qualities:

  • Acrylic is a synthetic material that ensures best fabric quality, strength and longevity. Acrylic awning fabrics are made out of 100% acrylic fiber. Impregnated with TEFLON® or SCOTCHGARDTM fabrics become resistant to water (up to 300mm) and dirt. The fabrics are chemically treated so they are less likely to fade. The solution also makes them less prone to bleaching out in the sun. Acrylic fiber tends to work just like a UV filter - according to official UV radiation scale, acrylic has 7-8 UV resistance coefficient.
  • Waterproof fabrics are characterised by their water resistance (up to 800mm). Woven fabrics together with impregnating technologies create great air permeability even during hottest days. Oeko-Tex® association ensures that waterproof acrylic impregnation is not toxic.

With the new and practical awning fabrics you will be able to enrich Your terrace with long lasting and cosy materials, and protect Your friend and family gatherings from sun and rain.


Introducing our new Squid fabric film!

Introducing our new Squid fabric film! Simply paste it directly onto the window! The special Squid fabric film fits easily fit into your home and comes in a choice of five natural shades: Rock, Ash, Chalk, Bone and Oak.

Squid is distinguished by a number of exclusive features:

  • Like a one-way mirror, the film is transparent when looking out the window but you cannot view in through it.
  • Reflects up to one third of the sunlight!
  • Perfect for spaces that tend to accumulate moisture.
  • Pasting the film does not require any additional equipment or the help of a specialist. Simply paste it yourself using the easy to follow instructions!
  • Thanks to its heat and sunlight resistance, Squid film is easily re-pasted and it will not leave any glue marks! No size limits. The film can be cut to any size and pasted in one piece.

Squid fabric film - another great addition to our collection for non-standard and hard to reach windows!


Introducing the new ‘Ombre’ Day-Night roller blind fabric collection!

Presenting the new ‘Ombre' Day-Night fabric collection for roller blinds, four new fabrics featuring the amazing color ‘transition' effect of different graduating shades from dark to light.
The ‘Ombre' color ‘transition' effect is conquering the world of interior design and features a striped 3D bonnet effect that will get your roller blinds noticed and complimented by all who see them!

Technical information:

  • Maximum width, 2.8 m;
  • Composition, 100% PES

Choosing our ‘Ombre' Day-Night fabrics with their incredible colors and patterns will bring new happiness into your home and literally light up your lives!


We share stunning news from the R + T 2018!

Recently back from R+T 2018 in Stuttgart we're full of ideas and inspiration. We'd like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the new designs, collections and technology we saw at the world's biggest window covering exhibition and trade fair.
Held every three years and covering over 120,000 square metres of floor space, R+T 2018 is bursting with new ideas and innovations from the latest manufacturing equipment to cutting edge design! More than 65,000 visitors visited this year, and we were extremely proud to be among the participants.
Several companies won prizes for innovation this year, including for outdoor air conditioning systems and energy-saving motors that work without a reduction gearbox. Hunter Douglas won three prizes, including a technical textile award for a fabric made from 50 percent of recycled plastic from the ocean. The company also won a prize for its patented ‘Pirouette; blind design and manufacture. These blinds have all the advantages necessary for complete protection against the sun. We were also hugely impressed by a new patented crushproof sunblind fabric, a collection of silicon yarn fabrics for roller blinds whose transparency can be individually altered and many other unbelievable inventions!
Keep following the news! DOMUS LUMINA is preparing a surprise for you!

Let’s meet at R+T STUTTGART!

Domus Lumina invites you to visit the leading international exhibition of building technology and machinery, interior construction, windows, doors, blinds, sun protection systems, gates and building equipment which is held every three years since 1965.
At the exhibition Domus Lumina will present its entire product range in one place and will outline the latest window covering trends for 2018. Our attractive ideas for your windows include our most luxurious lines, our latest roller shade collections, cellular shades, roman shade fabrics, the most fashionable print motifs and our automatic window coverings ensuring maximum comfort and extravagance. These are just a few of our products that you, dear customers, will see at the exhibition.
Come and find the Domus Lumina stand 7D72. Our team will be waiting for you!
Further information about the R+T 2018 exhibition can be found online at

Six new "Day - Night" collections are already at Domus Lumina salons!

Let's start the new year feeling refreshed - we introduce you the long anticipated addition to our fabric collection called "Day - Night".

Six carefully selected collections fit seamlessly into the range of fabrics and fascinate with their colours, textures and patterns:

  • Collection "Elegance" includes four luxuriously shiny fabrics. See-through strips remind of a most luxurious day curtain. They are completely transparent, and the heterogeneous colour of the fabric hypnotizes and catches the attention. The colours that are used help these fabrics create the feeling of luxury and timelessness in your interior.
  • "Diamond" fabrics catch the eye because of their texture - see-through fabric insertions gently filter the light, and the earth tone colour fabrics create an image of a diamond shaped pattern.
  • Collection "Geo" fascinates with its' of forms and lines. Earth tone colours look good in any interior.
  • Collection "Elipse" - is truly exceptional. As if it was embroidered with lines, the texture of the "night" strips reminds of a 3D effect, however the real surprise is the patterned transparent insertion into the fabric. The colours that create the feeling of calmness let the beauty of the texture shine and intensifies the overall impression.
  • The playful collection "Colorino" - for those who seek colours and unconventional textures. The "Day" strips are made of a large mesh that helps the light to enter the space; the colourful strips look like they were coloured with crayons. Ten gentle, pastel colours will bring coziness to your space - it is an exceptionally good choice for a child's room.
  • "Savana" - is for those that have an extravagant taste; and those who are bored of classics and geometry. It is as if the vibrant colours take us back to nature, remind of a tree trunk, animal fur or even pattern of a stone - let your fantasy go wild! As you look at the new window covers, travel to places you have never been!

As we carefully select fabrics for our new collections, we hope to make our clients happy and surprise them with unexpected patterns and colours - with these fabrics, your home will start shining in a completely new light! The fabrics are easy to dry clean, and are suitable even for wide windows.

You will be able to see and touch these and many other fabrics if you come to our salons. You are always welcome!


News! Roller blinds from Domus Lumina for roof windows!


Roof windows can transform the attic space into bright rooms suitable for living that are less dependent on artificial lighting. They are ideal for interior solutions of the lofts, but they are also great for illuminating dark rooms, corridors or bathrooms. We present the long-awaited news: from now on, the roller blinds for roof windows are in the Domus Lumina range of products!

This well-chosen window covering emphasizes your interior and solves the functional dilemma of these windows:

  • By covering the south-facing windows with the sun-reflective roller blinds we do not let the rooms to heat up in the summer, and by retracting the roller blinds in the winter we let the sunlight and warmth into the room;
  • You will save money on electricity: for artificial lightning and room cooling; 
  • Black out roller blinds will help you to sleep on summer weekends; 
  • A wide selection of roller blind fabric patterns and colors will help to fit them into the interior of the rooms, or give an opportunity to liven up the interior if you choose a bright, playful color; 
  • Kids will be delighted if you decorate the windows of their room with playful photo roller blinds picturing their favorite superheroes or their own drawings.

Technical properties of this product:

  • Silver/anodized mechanism;
  • 3 types which are chosen according to the tipping angle of wooden bars; 
  • Mounted with Fakro, Roto, Velux and Okpol windows; 
  • Control: with a handle.

We also want to remind you that roof windows can be covered with Domus Lumina pleated blinds: 5 types (II, V, VI, VII, VIII) of pleated blinds are suitable with any chosen fabric from a pleated blinds catalogue!


New colors of wooden blinds: STANDART WOOD


Newest colors of wooden blinds STANDART WOOD have arrived!

We are supplementing our collection of wooden blinds and introducing 2 new classic colors that even designers love and value:

  • A stylish sandy shade with a light brown walnut color texture will give lightness and brightness to the interior of the home or office.
  • Deep brown with a gray wood texture will become an elegant accent of your windows.

Wooden window blinds are a timeless classic and a natural accent in your home or office.
Easy to use horizontal strips help regulate the light flow and ensure privacy.
Technical information:

  • width: 50 mm;
  • 2 new colors;
  • especially qualitative and light wood: magnolia family tree, Paulownia imperialis;

This collection is dedicated to those who search for the best quality/price ratio; while a beautiful, accented wood (from which, due to these qualities, the classic, antique furniture are often made) will enchant you with its expressiveness!


PLAIN LINE: a new collection of pleated fabrics

A new collection of pleated blinds PLAIN LINE has arrived! We are presenting a budget-friendly, but modern and stylish collection of pleated blinds PLAIN LINE.
  • 13 natural colors;
  • Soft permeability of light;
  • Fabric is certified with a hygiene certificate.
The fabrics used for this collection and their fashionable, classic colors will fit perfectly both alongside the soft, classic tones and bright interior accents.
Technical properties:
  • 100% PES;
  • width: 190 cm, weight: 111 g/m2, thickness of fabric 0.29 mm;
  • Cleaned with a damp cloth.

PLAIN LINE collection is designed for those who search for a universal solution and a perfect price/quality ratio. Decorate your home with comfort!


Domus Lumina products are already at the modern bus station in Ukmergė!

Ukmergė bus station is a unique project where experts from DOMUS LUMINA have applied a sun control system - lamels. This system does not make a heavy impression for the architecture of the building and turns it into a very modern and stylish one.
Technical solutions of the project:
  • designed stationary aluminium lamels type "Z";
  • at the request of the customer, the laminae were coated with a colour powder RAL 7024;
  • a total area of 540 square meters was covered;
  • lamels are long lasting and do not require technical maintenance;
  • they create an aesthetic and unique exterior of the building.
We are glad to contribute to the design of the modern bus station in Ukmergė by choosing stylish, high-quality and functional lamels!



There is no limit to perfection! Pleated blinds PRESTIGE line was refilled with the system PR1710 of higher quality, functionality and exclusive design!

This system will bring you joy because of its advantages:
  • it fits wide (up to 220 cm) and high (up to 260 cm) windows;
  • very convenient and easy control with 2 strings which are on the sides of blinds, one string is for raising blinds and another string is for controlling the position of the blinds (raising/lowering); 
  • the strings are fixed with a reducer; 
  • you can choose from white or silver profiles and holders for ceiling or wall; 
  • extruded, elegant profiles up to 16 mm high; 
  • safe for children: a weight of the string falls off because of the higher weight; "Child safety" string retainer is also included; 
  • standard production term; 
  • BENTHIN German quality guarantee for a prestigious, exclusive product which will become your home decoration!
If you choose the pleated blinds from PRESTIGE line, you will get a perfect synthesis of creation, design and production! The products of this line - equipment, components and technologies - come from the most reliable hands!



Like a breath of fresh air the blinds with a SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric become a work of art, a unique detail for your windows! You just have to use your imagination and to pick out the desirable design from wide collections of Design Print House of DOMUS LUMINA or to create the blinds with your image. Then our team will realize your dream and transfer it on SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric by printing.
Benefits of SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric:
  • this fabric is one of the highest quality, the most modern and green products in the market;
  • it ensures the permeability of light in the room;
  • it fully disperses the sunlight, does not darken the room and creates a comfy environment;
  • the fabric is transparent, and it is a benefit, because you can see the outside, even when the windows are covered;
  • this fabric perfectly suits the offices, as it protects the computer screen from reflecting the sunlight;
  • it darkens the blinding sunlight, so you do not need to narrow your lids;
  • it is perfect for all types of blinds;
  • you get a two-in-one product - it is beautiful and functional.
Photo blinds are trending and become increasingly popular! It is a unique decoration for your home which will become stylish and exclusive. With photo blinds you can create the added value for your business by transferring your company's name, logo and other graphic elements on the fabric. By choosing the photo blinds with SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric, you will get the product of the highest quality and functionality. Also, the blinds will look exceptional on your windows.
The only limit is your imagination, so free your fantasy and become your own home designers!


Let the natural colours from the newest collection of roman blind fabrics into your home!

A palette of natural colours, a drop of flora motives and a small bit of modernity. This is the way to describe the newest fabrics that have replenished a rich collection of DOMUS LUMINA roman blind fabrics.
The new collection will complement any interior with a mood of tranquillity, elegance and harmony. Here you will find fabrics from Belgian, German, Spanish, Turkish and other reputable manufacturers. It is rich in shades of earthly tones and patterns. Although soft, pastel colours take a dominant role in the collection, here is no place for boredom! Different designs, geometric patterns or summer flowers will be unfolding on your window throughout a year.
Our customers who have already appreciated and enjoyed benefits of roman blinds will be much more overjoyed! New collection has fire-resistant fabrics that can be washed or cleaned in a chemical way, thus maintenance of product will not cause any difficulties.
This collection will definitely be appreciated by nature lovers. Many fabrics contain up to 6% natural linen and 9% cotton. These fabrics are very soft and light, perfectly blending into the interior.
Great news for those who love a precision and aim to harmonize every detail of an interior - most fabrics of roman blinds new collection are suitable for sewing bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths and curtains. Therefore, by choosing fabrics of a new collection, you can create lovely interior accents while using the same or different, harmonious or contrasting fabrics!
Remember that properly selected fabrics of roman blinds, curtains, bed spreads, cushions or other decor elements can sharpen and brighten an interior, and provide exclusive luxury to your spaces. Sewing and design of these accessories may depend on a selected tissue - some accessories ensure lightness, other, contrary, make a heavy impression of a room, and provide a sense of rigidity. Aiming to choose the best option for a room, it is not sufficient to combine different colours and styles, but it is also necessary to combine patterns of fabrics, select the most appropriate model.
Our professional team is always ready to assist you regarding these enquires!
Decorate your windows with products that will create an exceptional comfort and harmony in your home or office! Look for the new collection in DOMUS LUMINA salerooms or invite a consultant to your house.


Bring spring into your home!

When the spring is knocking on the windows, you want to renew and fill spaces with fresh, natural and new colours and patterns. DOMUS LUMINA goes hand in hand with fashion and presents the newest fabrics of the Day Night Print Line collection exclusively to its clients!

From now on the Day Night Print Line collection has 30 new spring-like patterns which intertwine with bright and bold colours creating a unique harmony of classics and modernity. Fashionable birds and butterflies, fragrant flowers, teddy bears for children, nature motives, geometrical patterns, unusual forms, and simple lines cover the Day Night fabrics. All of these patterns reflect the window covering trends 2017 and make the Day Night blinds even more stylish!

We are proud that we are the only ones in Lithuania who can offer you such a wide collection of Day Night Print Line fabrics, the production of which requires precision, carefulness and accurateness. In production of Day Night fabrics taking place in DOMUS LUMINA Design print house latex paint is used. It is water based pigment paint with an artificial polymer solvent. The base of liquid ink is made of: 70% of water, 29% of solvent and 1% of various additives. Thanks to them a very high quality is achieved. This is another reason why these blinds are especially recommended for children's room and are safe for the environment.

The Day Night blinds are becoming increasingly popular because of their uniqueness, and the patterns make them even more perfect and exceptional!

Bring spring into your home!


VISIT US at MAJA 2017 trade fair!

DOMUS LUMINA invites you to the international building industry trade fair "Maja 2017", which is organized for 31th time and which will take place in Riga, Latvia from 9-12 March at Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre.

During the exhibition DOMUS LUMINA will present all its range of available products in one place and introduce us to the window treatment trends 2017. Very attractive ideas for your windows, the most luxurious our product lines, the newest collections of roller blinds, pleated blinds and roman blinds, fashionable print motives, automatic window coverings providing the maximum comfort, extravagance - it's just a part of what we will demonstrate to you, dear customers.

Our stand No. 122, 2nd hall. You are welcome to visit us!


The standard of trends and quality – fabrics of English manufacturer LOUVOLITE – are already included in a product range of Domus Lumina!

We are introducing yet another fantastic invention - LOUVOLITE fabric for roller blinds and vertical blinds - they are already included in Domus Lumina range of products!

This is a real wow factor - luxury fabrics of an exceptional quality will meet the needs of customers who have the most demanding taste! Bright colours and exclusive patterns are glowing in LOUVOLITE collections matching both the modern, classical and country-style interior.

Unique features of these collections:

  • CARNIVAL, plain range of 48 colours, is updated with Carnival Black out, with self coloured backings;
  • Children's designs - unisex design, cool, playful prints, designed for little ones- G-Raff, Party animals and Night Night, that glows in the dark!
  • Exciting and diverse collection of printed designs combining fashionable trends, a variety of themes and colours of the moment. Black outs, PVCs, linnens, many featuring Ultrafresh and Pollergen coatings;
  • Patterns like Zeta, Coral, Tropicana and Como have been designed to mix and match with colours from plain ranges of Carnival and Mineral;
  • Textured plains are important in 2017 collection. Stunning new fabrics such as Zephyr, Newport, Hampton and Monteray have real depths and style thanks to their interesting weaves and natural tones and textures. 
Louvolite is one of the most famous and the most important manufacturers of window fabrics in England and throughout Western Europe. It is a benchmark of trends and quality! We are proud to represent this name in Baltic countries.


The biggest new this Spring is the pleated blinds collection 2017!


We are exited to present the biggest new this Spring - the pleated blinds collection 2017, created just for you, our dear customers!

Fresh, close to nature and naturalness, but at the same time full of exquisite luxury and elegance the newest collection is created according both to the latest pleated blinds fabric trends and the demand of the most popular fabrics. In this collection you will find almost 150 new fabrics! The new collection will fascinate you with textures, patterns and colours which will help you to feel the exclusivity of home interior provided by the pleated blinds.

15 charming collections selected and classified by different criteria:

  • colours - Spells of white (white), Silver shadow (silver/grey), Caramel mocha (brownish) and Rainbow dash (collection of bright coloured fabrics);
  • texture - Savannah, Fresh linen (collection of natural textures and colours; linen, cloth, bamboo texture);
  • luxury collection - Royal deluxe and Timeless classic (fabrics of classical patterns, luxury textures and colours);
  • purpose - Daydream (clear, transparent fabrics for day), Happy days (collection for children's room);
  • general characteristics - Metallic shine (metallic and shiny fabrics), Pearl shell (crumpled fabrics of pearl shine), Black out (fabrics which completely darken the room), Palma (double fabrics of unique design which keep the heat), Palma BO (two ply fabrics: one ply is black out ideal for skylights).

The fabrics from the newest pleated blinds collection are ideal both for new trends lovers and those who appreciate classical style. The fabrics SINAI attract with their elegance, strength and durability is guaranteed by S and Z yarn combinations, and in the fabric you can find natural linen. NEVADA will cheer you with its silky matted surface; ORDOS - with rich colours and special weaving technology; TIRARI - with spectacular jacquard stitch pattern; RECIFE fabrics amaze with IKAT dyeing technology. This is only a few fabric groups.

Visit our salons and assure yourself that the pleated blinds collection 2017 is exclusively diverse and rich!


A novelty in the range of roller blinds – BLACK OUT fabric BO4035 with unique technical properties!

If you are looking for unique design solutions, like to sleep longer in the morning and you need a special darkened room, the new Black Out fabric BO4035 with unique technical properties is just for you! The roller blinds of this fabric completely block out the sunlight and fully darken the room. The window coverings of this fabric are particularly suitable for bedrooms, because at night they prevent you from the light of street lamps and in the morning they let you sleep in even in bright sunlight. They are perfectly adaptable in the meeting rooms, conference rooms, studios or spaces which use projectors and need a darkened room.

The new fabric BO4035 will fascinate you with its qualities:

  • extra wide fabric (310cm) is ideal for large or shop window coverings;
  • when testing with up to 5m products, the fabric does not make waves and remains straight;
  • black reversible fabric;
  • flameproof, fabric class B1;
  • safe in especially sensitive environments, certificated according to Oeko-Tex standard;
  • suitable for wet environments, cleaned with a damp sponge;
  • suitable for working environments which use monitors;
  • the fabric has EN ISO 105-B02 certificate; it is highly resistant to wear and discoloration;
  • the fabric is stronger and thicker than other Black Out fabrics.

Live comfortably and in style!



This year promises indeed big changes in interior design world. If you are planning to renew your window treatments or to purchase the new ones, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the newest window treatment trends. According to global textile and home decorating trends DOMUS LUMINA advises how to create fashionable home and which window treatments will dominate 2017!

Shades of dark green will dominate throughout the year. Roller blinds, pleated blinds or vertical blinds of this colour can become the accent of your interior or create a Scandinavian style atmosphere which is still one of the most stylish ones.

For those who want to be unique we recommend the window treatments of sparkling colours. They are bright, metallic or metalized, have a colour of unpolished quartz or opal, which will brighten the interior up and will provide a hint to space, sky and cosmos! That will be ensured by a returning trend - newly designed aluminium venetian blinds. Meanwhile sea blue colour will be a new black colour in 2017, and bedrooms will be full of fashionable intense, romantic colours, such as ruby, raspberry or caramel - this is especially emphasized by USA website which writes about home interior. If you wish to create a serenity oasis, we recommend choosing white, porcelain, camel, muted rose, greyish, bone or milk white colours - these are the colours which symbolize originality and natural look. Wood and wooden blinds are the most natural looking blinds and they will be especially stylish!

Interior designers get their inspiration from nature, the environment and the most famous fashion houses, so this year plant and floral motifs will remain fashionable. These motifs are popular in DOMUS LUMINA collections of roller blinds and pleated blinds. Special liveliness to the interior will be given by the floral roman blinds or curtains which will perfectly fit the plain sofa or other neutral interior details.

Geometric patters, unusual shapes and simple lines - another interior trend of this year. And you certainly will not lose by choosing roller blinds, panel blinds or curtains with these patterns from DOMUS LUMINA rich collections!

In the interior of 2017 the butterflies will be even more popular! Butterflies land not only on window treatments designed for children's room. They become the symbol of elegance and optimism. The perfect example is patterns created by the designer Agnė Kuzmickaitė!

The trend to divide the room into several zones is returning, and the perfect fit for that is stylish panel blinds or glass partitions manufactured by DOMUS LUMINA. In this way it creates privacy, but at the same time keeps comfort, ease, a way to communicate and to be like in the same place.

Accessory is one of the main trends of the season. Therefore use the special opportunity offered by DOMUS LUMINA and match the cushions, bedspreads, tablecloths and our other sewn textile products with window treatments. It is a wonderful feeling when the window treatments match decor elements which are in the same space. No need to talk about luxury and maximum comfort when any window treatment can be operated with just one click of the button. Automated window treatments become a part of our everyday lives and they will always be trendy!

Do not be afraid to combine at first glance incompatible patterns or different textures and factures. This trend was identified as one of the brightest trends of 2017 in Milan and Paris fashion week. For example, create cushions from several fabrics of different texture and pattern, and select roller blinds in completely neutral ivory colour. Or select the roller blinds with three dimensional (3D) images which will create optical illusion, and choose neutral colours for the walls. Digital printing is becoming increasingly popular, and our Design print house is for those who are looking for unconventional ways to decorate their windows!

If you want to have an exceptional, unique and trendy home, you can be your space designers. Very often the best solutions come unexpectedly when we let our imagination to work!


VISIT US at Heimtextil 2017 trade fair!

DOMUS LUMINA invites you to the international trade fair for home textiles HEIMTEXTIL which is organized for 45th time and which will take place on January 10-13 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany!

It is a place where the quality of the production has to meet special requirements, everyone finds a solution for their house, work environment or just gets ideas and enriches their refined taste and perfect sense of style!

During the exhibition DOMUS LUMINA will present all its range of available products in one place and introduce us to the window treatment trends 2017. Very attractive ideas for your windows, the most luxurious our product lines, the newest collections of roller blinds, pleated blinds and roman blinds, fashionable print motives, automatic window coverings providing the maximum comfort, extravagance - it's just a part of what we will demonstrate to you, dear customers.

Our stand No. 5.1 D20. You are welcome to visit us!



Dear customers, your desires and educated taste encourage us to develop, improve and constantly look for non-conventional solutions. Thanks to you we grow, as well as our collection does!

We announce loudly - DOMUS LUMINA - the only one in Lithuania has created a unique DAY NIGHT PRINT LINE collection of an exceptional design and original patterns roller blinds for you. While developing this collection we aimed to create an art of life. The new collection of roller blinds DAY NIGHT is for those who long for new approaches and more opportunities while creating a dream home!

Fabrics of this collection are filled with unseen patterns and colours. Motives of scattered toys and children's drawings, various graphic masterpieces, the owls and hearts for our little ones, indescribable lightness of feathers and other unique patterns created by a fashion designer Agnė Kuzmickaitė lay on a tissue of a collection DAY NIGHT roller blinds making them even more stylish!

The new collection DAY NIGHT PRINT LINE lets you choose and match the most unexpected design combinations. The rollers blinds of this collection will be easily incorporated into your favourite interior of any type: classic, modern, minimalist or a mixture of a few styles. You will definitely find a decor for stylish windows of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, children's room or other premises in the vast new collection. The roller blinds DAY NIGHT which have a unique design will become a significant element of an interior in any space!

We are proud that we are the only ones in Lithuania who produce these wonderful roller blinds DAY NIGHT PRINT - a production of which requires precision and thoroughness. An innovative technology that is used in a production of DOMUS LUMINA roller blinds allows turning a window covering into a unique piece of art.

Find all the colours of life in the collection DAY AND NIGHT PRINT LINE! Fresh, colourful and original DAY NIGHT LINE PRINT COLLECTION will fill your house with light and comfort even during a cold season, and the original patterns of roller blinds will perfectly match the variety of interiors creating a modern and distinctive character.


Design Print House - even more opportunities for exclusively stilish windows!

We form our assortment in such way so that to find what will transform your home into stylish and harmonious oasis - after all, the most importantly, that each corner of your home would satisfy you and the items would be of high quality and perform their function impeccably. We invite you to Design Print Huose to choose from thousands of new patterns selected by us which are designed to cover all windows at your home.

If you want to decorate your windows with YOUR PHOTOGRAPH OR DRAWING - send us your desired picture of high quality and we will make sure that this picture will gladden you every day!

From now on, you no longer have to choose - beauty or function of the fabric. You just have to:

  • Choose the desired pattern or photograph - make sure that the picture is of high quality.
  • Depending on your room's space and necessary function of the roller, choose the fabric on which the picture will be transferred, this may be standard, Black Out (maximum protection from sunlight and completely darkened room) and Day - Night fabrics - adapted both for bath and kitchen, bedroom or living room.
  • Place the order to DOMUS LUMINA specialists and enjoy the exclusive decoration of your window!

Technical advantages of products of DESIGN PRINT HOUSE:

  • Excellent image quality - sharp contrasts, not blurring; 6 colours are used, the image quality reaches 1200 dpi;
  • 6 printer heads have 12.672 nozzles for firm and reliable print quality, the optimizer quickly fastens paint pigmentation on the fabric;
  • Short production time; no need to wait until the print dries - the fabric from the installation goes dry, complete and ready to use;
  • The production is resistant to scratching, guarantee of quality - for laminated press - 5 years, not-laminated - 3 years;
  • Third generation printer ink has the best features; non-flammable, nickel free;
  • Integrated spectrophotometer enables automatic calibration, the colours are evenly extracted over the print.

While decorating your home, you will be sure not only because of its quality and great view but also because you receive safe, qualitative, long-term product - the fabrics of rollers are certified by quality certificates GREENGUARD GOLD and ECOLOGO which guarantee that the fabrics are safe to use and in extremely sensitive to quality premises - kindergartens, schools, medical facilities; these fabrics do not impact the environment.



DOMUS LUMINA has contributed to design solutions of a professionally built and officially opened complex of offices - "Quadrum". Our team has proposed high-tech window blinds for covering windows of this very stylish, the most modern and largest complex of offices which has risen on the right bank of Neris. Products are designed according to a customer's needs - German quality, modern and precise mechanisms which are very easy to handle.
  • At the end of the project there will be covered more than 1 650 windows in this business center constituting more than 11 000 square meters.
  • A customer has chosen the window blinds that were made of the most modern and efficient solar protection fabric found in the market - a fabric called "Screen" - for most of the windows of the premises. The uniqueness of this fabric relies on the fact that breakdown of sun rays doesn't make premises a darker place and creates an acceptable environment for a human eye.
  • The fabric is translucent which is an advantage because it allows seeing an outside view from the inside even when windows are covered with blinds making it an ideal solution for office premises. Customer has chosen a fabric called "Screen" with a permeability of 3 % in order to ensure efficiency of a fabric on the upper floors of a building.
  • Window blinds which are made of a fabric called "Black Out" were chosen for the rooms (meeting rooms, conference halls) where projectors are to be used and rooms need to be especially dark. This fabric entirely blocks sun rays and fully dims a room.
  • Reliable mechanisms of windows blinds "PRESTIGE-44" and "PRESTIGE-65" were used which are manufactured in Germany and have particularly good operating characteristics. Plastic parts are resistant to temperature changes and wearing which ensures a long product life.
  • The control mechanism has an additional built-in spring that ensures an extremely easy management of a window covering. Window blinds which cover an area of up to 9 square meters are raised very easily by pulling a chain.
  • A metal chain which has been selected as a window decorating instrument provides an office space with luxurious elegance which matches a modern interior. The appearance of this type of chain remains unchanged even after many years.

"Quadrum" is the first business center in Lithuania which was designed and built according to the international standard "BREEAM" (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). We are pleased to contribute to the design solutions of a modern business center by offering stylish, high-quality and functional window covers!


Super fashionable windows design!

Goal of Domus Lumina - every satisfied customer! We form our assortment so that to find what will transform your home into stylish and harmonious oasis - after all, the most importantly, that each corner of your home would satisfy you and the items would be of high quality and perform their function impeccably.

We introduce great news - patterns for roller blinds created by the designer Agnė Kuzmickaitė. Exclusively for Domus Lumina created patterns - a breath of fresh air for your home! Although fashion trends influence offer of patterns and designs, however, individual taste and perfect quality of products are of high importance. The designer Agnė Kuzmickaitė exclusively for Domus Lumina has created great adaptations of her patterns for YOUR windows. And we made sure that these great patterns on your windows would match with functional Domus Lumina fabrics. You will be able to transfer any selected pattern on your chosen fabrics of roller blind: standard fabrics, Black out (maximum protection from sunlight and completely darkened room) and Day-Night fabrics - adaptable to bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room. Only here you will be able to purchase unique patterns for roller blinds and you windows will be exceptional!

From now on, you no longer have to choose - beauty or function of the fabric. You just have to:

  • Choose the desired pattern;
  • Depending on your room space and necessary function of the roller, choose the fabric on which the picture will be transferred;
  • Place the order to Domus Lumina specialists;
  • Enjoy exclusive decoration of your window!

While decorating your home, you will be sure not only because of its quality and great view but also because you receive safe, qualitative, long-term product - the fabrics of rollers are certified by quality certificates GREENGUARD GOLD and ECOLOGO which guarantee that the fabrics are safe to use and in extremely sensitive to quality premises - kindergartens, schools, medical facilities; these fabrics do not impact the environment.


Pantone announced a colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016 which radiates TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH and OPTIMISM!

With headquarters in USA, Pantone Colour Institute, an authority of colour world, which introduces trendiest colours twice a year, finally announced the outstanding colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016.

Colours in the interior as in the fashion world occupy a special place. Even though sometimes it seems that our refined taste no longer can be surprised with something new or unique, there is always something new that refreshes our body and soul.

TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH and OPTIMISM is the primary feelings which you will feel in the colour palette announced by Pantone. These were the main sources of inspiration for the representatives of the Colour Institute when selecting the colours for the upcoming season. And exactly this is what we need in our chaotic, stressful and dynamic environment. Therefore if you decide to create and decorate your home according to the trendiest colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016, you will create an oasis of calm.

The blue colour which symbolizes stability and radiates warmth, tranquillity and tenderness in the interior is still the king of the colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016 announced by Pantone. The colour Riverside is cool and soothing, strong and stable, it gives a subtle liveliness and sophistication, but also it is steady and classic. Meanwhile the colour Airy Blue associates with lightness and freedom, tranquillity and brightness, and it is very close to the colour of the year - Serenity. The bluish window coverings will perfectly fit the white, grey or dark blue interior details and will make your room exceptional. They will also fit the darker interiors unpretentiously. The fabrics of this colour are especially recommended not only for the girls' or boys' rooms, but also for the living rooms and bedrooms.

The colour Sharkskin radiates stability. The colours Warm Taupe or Potter's Clay will give you the feeling of peace and will allow you to sleep well. These colours are secured and stable, earthly and steady, timeless classic. In the range of DOMUS LUMINA you will find many products of these colours which you will be able to adapt to your stylish interior. Especially these products will fit in the minimal interior. These colours are popular for other home textiles such as furniture drapes, carpets, interior decor details, so you will surely find the fabric which fits your home interior and details best.

The autumn can not be imagined without pink and red colours which remind us the falling rosy and colourful leaves! The red tone Aurora Red or Dusty Cedar warms you and gives you confidence. These tones create a luxury feeling in the interior. Plus they bring you optimism and energy to do something, create and move.

In the wide range of DOMUS LUMINA you will surely find the especially trendy this season violet colour (Bodacious). It is bright, unexpected and universal colour which turns the fashion accents into the main details. And also the colour Spicy Mustard which has the sharper yellow tone than the yellow colour you have ever seen. With these colours your spaces will look fresh, spicy and exotic. And of course do not forget the popular green colour which still reminds the summer (Lush Meadow). It is rich, vivid, sophisticated, bold and unique.
We invite you to meet the autumn full of tranquillity, strength and optimism together with these outstanding and incredible colours!
Let's create the cosiness TOGETHER.

A novelty in the range of roller shutters!

We present you a novelty in the range of roller shutters! The new classic roller shutters CLASSIC with 77mm profile , which is durable and light, but extremely safe and resistant to external environment's effect. These roller shutters are made of high quality aluminum.

Thanks to their technical characteristics the roller shutters CLASSIC with 77mm profile are used for windows, doors and more frequently for garage doors. They can be mounted both during the construction and when the building is constructed. When used as the garage doors, the roller shutters take little space because they roll up to a compact box. They can be used not only for outdoors, but also for indoors in order to protect entries or warehouses against the trespassers. Features of the new roller shutters CLASSIC with 77mm profile:

  • The aluminum profile is environment-friendly, polyurethane foam filling has no refrigerant and other hazardous substances, and there is no cadmium in the paint;
  • Height of the profile is 77mm and its thickness is 19mm;
  • A special form and thickness of the profile cross section ensure the properties of extremely good resistance against mechanical effect for the roller shutters;
  • Extruded guides with high quality plastic gaskets, steel shaft;
  • They can be perfectly adapted in the passive house: they save energy which is necessary for space heating and cooling;
  • It is possible to purchase the products with air vents, windows, reinforced windward system and overrunning type brake;
  • They are controlled with electric power train which is operated with a switch and a remote control.
DOMUS LUMINA takes care of your safety!



This slogan proves the company's strength and its potential to grow and to expand. Satisfied clients and uncompromising efforts to present you the best product is the main reason and the driving force of this growth. We are proud to present you an exclusive opportunity in the entire Baltic region to acquire vertical and pleated blinds of PRESTIGE line. Only DOMUS LUMINA was entrusted with the production of the products by using the advanced and globally recognised equipment of the German producer BENTHIN that would allow us to produce even better quality, more functional and excellent design blinds PRESTIGE. The advantages of this line are as follows:

  • German precision, cutting-edge technologies and top quality components and equipment from a single producer allowing us to produce even the most complex and customised products with the same quality and simplicity as the standard ones;
  • innovative equipment - varying fabric cutting speed for the most precise measurements and lamination of the fabric, changeable width of the cut for pleated fabrics by using trapeze-shaped knife, air-cooled drilling of fabric from both sides;
  • BETHIN equipment and the products made with this equipment are certified according to the safety and quality standards EN 9001:2000, CE, EMC, EN 13120:2009;
  • the system is made of extruded (cast) aluminium profiles characterised by excellent durability and resistance properties as well as high-quality plastic parts that are resistant to temperature variations and attrition;
  • special accessories to ensure the safety of children in case of chain or cord operated blinds - a holder which prevents from the formation of a loop and a cord which breaks in case of load that exceeds 6 kg, thus, avoiding the situation when the children are tangled in the "loop-style" cord; the cord is fitted at the height of at least 150 cm from the ground.

By choosing the vertical and pleated blinds of Prestige line, you will receive a perfect synthesis of creativity, design and production! The products of this line - the fittings, components and technologies - come from one and the most reliable hands.


Let’s welcome summer with new collections and cool colours!

As the summer starts to blossom in all its colours, we find ourselves in the need to merge with the natural environment and to relieve the heat with cool colours.

We are getting ready for the long-awaited summer season and present the newest additions to our assortment - the new FRESH LINE collection of pleated blinds and FROSTED PURE collection of wooden blinds.

The new FRESH LINE collection of pleated blinds is exclusive among other collections not only with its 13 pastel natural colours, but also with its excellent price. The new pleated fabrics characterised by soft filtering of the light and solid facture will look excellent in any interior not only next to soft and classical tones, but also next to striking elements of interior. FRESH LINE collection is dedicated to those, who are looking for universality and excellent value for money.

We also supplemented our solid palette of horizontal 50 mm wooden blinds - the new 4 FROSTED PURE colours delight with their matt surface, calm classical colours, whereas the high-quality processed wood gives a silky touch. Same as any other wooden blinds, FROSTED PURE is easy to care and clean, so this excellent investment to the cosiness and comfort of your home will delight you for many years to come.

DOMUS LUMINA assortment is growing together with a number of our clients! We are happy that today we can meet your each and every wish and make your windows especially stylish.


New pleated insect screens SLIM!

There is a saying that if you think you are TOO SMALL to make a DIFFERENCE, try sleeping with a mosquito. And then we say - get our compact pleated screen SLIM and you will forget what it's like to sleep with the mosquitoes! Let us introduce you to a new member to the family of Dominus Lumina pleated insect screens which complements the assortment of Standard and Lux pleated screens.

The new SLIM screen comes with a full range of advantages:

  • EXTREMELY thin - only 18 mm in width of the profile! It is the most compact screen of all available in our assortment; it is ideal for smaller windows, but is also excellent in covering large windows or terrace doors: maximum dimensions - 190 x 260 cm.
  • Being durable and reliable due to its superior quality components, SLIM screen remains STABLE in its position and performs its function.
  • Tightly closing due to the magnets fitted in the profile. Opening is possible to the left and to the right.
  • Easy and simple to fit; 2 fitting OPTIONS: by screwing to the window frame and by using a fitting strip which is glued to the window frame and the screen remains in its position even in case of frequent opening. It significantly reduces the fitting time and protects the window frame from damage.

The new SLIM screens are CE certified and easy to clean - washing with soapy water and rinsing is sufficient. You can find the matching SLIM screens for your windows by choosing from brown, anthracite or white frame systems.


Technologies and renewable natural resources are now available for your home windows as well!

Nowadays, it is particularly important to choose and use safe products that are healthy, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. We are oriented to intelligent solutions that save time and costs and can turn everyday domestic worries into pleasure.
Domus Lumina specialists devote their everyday work so that our clients could enjoy each feel of their windows and the synthesis of home cosiness, beauty and comfort could be easily realised.
If you decided to buy new or replace your current window coverings with more comfortable, functional and automated solution, Domus Lumina offers you to buy products with battery-powered motors - these are classical roller systems, horizontal aluminium blinds and pleated blinds!
You can choose this option without investing additional time and funds to the installation of electricity outlet near the windows, because the coverings can be controlled without the connection to the electricity mains. Rechargeable batteries are cost-saving and function for a very long time.
For your convenience - here is another especially attractive innovation: automatic control of pleated blinds with solar batteries! This solution is ideal for roof windows!
Exclusive quality and durability is ensured by automation producer "Somnify" - the expert of exclusive solutions for the automatic control of products.


Each spring, the awakening nature delights us with warmth, vivid colours and resurgent life, however, quite many of us may find this period a bit annoying due to allergies for pollen or insect bites.
To be able to enjoy each warm evening and to avoid snivel, anti-allergic medication and insect repellents, you can protect yourself by covering the windows with screens against insects and allergens. This multifunctional solution allows you to have a pleasant time during spring and summer evenings and to protect your health and good night's sleep.
The especially dense screen will protect your children from painful insect bites and will relief the aggravation of spring allergies for allergic children and adults. You can enjoy fresh spring air by opening your windows or terraces and your pets can stay safe at home. On the other hand, if you allow your pet to go outside, we can install an opening which is also covered with a screen.
You can choose screens against insects from our wide assortment: roller screens, pleated screens, frame screens and door screens.

Non-standard DOMUS LUMINA solutions for non-standard spaces!

Domus Lumina- Nacionalines pasyvaus namo asociacijos nare

In modern architecture, designers increasingly more often prefer triangle, trapeze, asymmetrical and other non-standard shapes of windows in their spaces. To stay in pace with the newest design and interior trends and to adapt to the cutting-edge technologies, DOMUS LUMINA not only finds a solution for each window, but also tries to offer You the widest possible assortment. For you convenience, here are the new horizontal types of aluminium blinds for non-standard windows!

We have another excellent solution for triangle or trapeze shaped windows - you can decorate your windows not only with wooden, pleated or vertical blinds, but also non-standard horizontal aluminium blinds! These blinds can be made with a maximum heeling angle of 45o. They are ideal for both plastic and wooden windows.

We are happy to see that the popular aluminium blinds have now become much more functional and easier to fit in non-standard spaces.


Fashion picks for Domus Lumina roller blinds collection 2016

As the spring is slowly approaching, global textile and home interior fairs, that we also had a chance to visit, revealed the newest window covering tendencies that we are eager to share with you. These colours and design trends will dominate throughout this year until the next spring. So now might be a good time to renew your home windows with these exceptional quality fabrics that reflect the newest window trends to delight your eye for several years to come.
Coffee and sand colours, that have been extremely popular over the last few years, are now being replaced with the shades of grey. Here you will find the widest range of textures, glossiness and patterns. Grey is also popular in other home textiles - furnishings, carpets and even in interior décor accents - you will certainly find a perfect fabric to complete you interior decor. There are also plenty of fabrics of various textures, graphics and geometric patterns that create an individual style and are excellent with grey tones.

The palette of dark colours is also becoming more diverse. Home spaces are being decorated with dark tones of various colours - dark green, dark grey and even black with various graphical patterns that are becoming increasingly more popular. Dark window coverings are no longer an exclusive accent for the bedroom, although another trend is that the bedroom space acquires more functions and becomes not only a place for sleep. Therefore, the décor elements of this room are supplemented with accents and fabrics characteristic to other home spaces. A windowsill of the window, decorated with dark fabric, may be enlivened with a bright accent - the eye is frequently delighted by a flash of raspberry or watermelon colors. According to the room interior, the decor may be accentuated with a yellow or vivid blue detail. In classical interior rooms we will certainly see copper and brass, i.e. brown and golden colours and accents.

Blue is extremely popular this season. It comes in various shades and tones - sky blue, sea blue, night blue - everyone can find something for his/her taste. Both the designers and clients are gradually turning back to nature, it's natural colours and shades, whereas blue has been unduly forgotten for quite some time and the time has come for it to return and delight us with it's soothing, deep blue tones in various styles of window coverings - in traditional roller blinds, pleated or vertical blinds. Depth and shadows, smoke or other elements of atmosphere - all these tendencies are ideally revealed in blue tones.

Those who are longing for bright colours are invited to meet the new trend of this spring - neon colours! These colours are glimmering both in single coloured fabrics and as bright patterns of neutral color roller blinds. Vibrating colours will provide the feeling of energy to any selected space and will delight your eye for more than just one season.

DOMUS LUMINA is already on the way to the exhibition “INTIRIO 2016” in belgium and “BUDMA 2016”!

Already this Sunday, an annual interior design exhibition "Intirio 2016" in Belgium begins. As every year, we will also take part in it!

We are getting ready to go to Poznan as well - to another excellent exhibition "Budma 2016."

At the foreign exhibitions, we do not only present our products, of which we are proud, and which are appreciated not only by Lithuanian, but also by foreign partners and customers, but we also seek to bring more new things, innovations, and ideas to our customers. These exhibitions are like a light spring breeze. Let us get ready for the warm season together!



You are welcome to visit us on 9-13 September at an international Habitare exhibition in Finland to be held at Helsinki Exhibition Hall "Messukeskus," at Messuaukio 1, Helsinki.
Habitare is a specialized design, interior and furniture industry exhibition that every year welcomes many participants and visitors.
This year, Domus Lumina is happy to have an opportunity to participate and present company's products.
You will find us at stand 6H99. You are very welcome to visit!



Domus Lumina invites to the furniture and interior design exhibition in Estonia Interjöör 2015, which will be held April 24-26 in Tallinn !

The exhibition will present the news this season:

  • A luxurious collection of wooden blinds - introducing 5 new collections, natural wood letters and colours: luxury alsuojantys full gloss surfaces, a unique two-color combinations, modern colors, "raw wood" texture. Each collection is unique and creates a specific atmosphere, so it will match every taste and style.
  • Supplemented by a Day-night roller blinds tissue range - this season he added 7 new shades in collections, various bands of variations. New fabric combinations to meet the expectations of each customer.
  • Our exclusive product - pleated blinds for non-standard for windows and other products produced by us. 
  • Modern technoligy - SOMFY automatics. For practical and modern houses we offer automation and remote control for all windows coverings: roller blinds, pleated blinds, awnings and more. It will make your life more convenient, more secure and save more energy.
  • Vernal product - insect screens. „Domus Lumina" exhibition stand every visitor will find the most suitable protection against insects window system, which will cover both the windows and the door. The door or window opening in a grid built not only prevents unwanted "guests", but also performs another important function - prevents into the house to get allergy-causing pollen.

As well as consulting on issues to help choose the most suitable covering on the windows of your home, or a practical awning for the upcoming summer season on the terrace.

All solutions for your windows from one supplier at Tallinn exhibition Interjöör 2015, stand No. 317 .



Domus Lumina invites to the international construction and architecture exhibition OWN HOME , which will be held at March 26-29 in Helsinki exhibition and convention centre !
OWN HOME this is an echibition about the building of our home, about the interior and exterior. The exhibition is attracting many participants from various countries. In our stand No. 3b41 you will find an extremely broad and various customer needs-oriented assortment of interior and exterior window covers: roller blinds, vertical, wooden, pleated blinds, roman blinds, insect screens, protective shutters.
The exhibition will be displayed in a wooden and venetian blinds types which are most representative of Scandinavian interior. Domus Lumina improve venetian blinds products allow them to approve almost every window glass, frame, ceiling or roof and wide color palette does not restrict the imagination when choosing the color of blinds. Our booth can offer you 5 top quality wooden blinds collection which stands out the natural wood patterns and colors. Bamboo modest collection - timeless naturalness, luxury breathing glossy surface Glossy color, unique color duo Frosted collection, expressive Baswood collection of colors and modern, characterized by "raw" texture Lignum collection. Our proposed wooden blinds collection - it is an opportunity to create not only natural, but also a unique window decoration options. Also will be available automation which can be installed into many of our products. Applying Domus Lumina remote automatic blinds the light can be directed to the floor, the ceiling or create a playful shadows. You can also adjust the amount of light or completely pulling the sliding shutters.
All solutions for your windows from one supplier at Helsinki exhibition OWN HOME 2015, stand No. 3b41




Domus Lumina invites to the international construction and architecture exhibition in Poland BUDMA 2015, which will be held at March 10-13 in Poznan!
In our stand No. 40 you will find an extremely broad and various customer needs-oriented assortment of interior and exterior window covers: roller blinds, vertical, venetian, wooden, pleated blinds, roman blinds, insect screens, protective shutters, panel blinds.
We will present our exclusive product - pleated blinds, which can be manufactured in a wide variety of geometric shapes, therefore, they are easily adjustable even to triangular, trapezoidal and oval-shaped windows or for a roof window. Luxurious product - wooden blinds. They are valued for their high quality, naturalness and created impression og elegant, luxurious and at the same time cozy interior. Modern technoligy - SOMFY automatics. For practical and modern houses we offer automation and remote control for all windows coverings: roller blinds, pleated blinds, roller shutters, awnings and more It will make your life more convenient, more secure, and save more energy.
Domus Lumina intensively develops export to a variety of countries and looking for a wholesale partners in Poland market. So, we invite to visit our stand No 40 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions at Poland exhibition Budma 2015.

All solutions for your windows from one supplier at Poznan exhibition BUDMA 2015, stand No. 40.