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A novelty in the range of roller blinds – BLACK OUT fabric BO4035 with unique technical properties!

If you are looking for unique design solutions, like to sleep longer in the morning and you need a special darkened room, the new Black Out fabric BO4035 with unique technical properties is just for you! The roller blinds of this fabric completely block out the sunlight and fully darken the room. The window coverings of this fabric are particularly suitable for bedrooms, because at night they prevent you from the light of street lamps and in the morning they let you sleep in even in bright sunlight. They are perfectly adaptable in the meeting rooms, conference rooms, studios or spaces which use projectors and need a darkened room.

The new fabric BO4035 will fascinate you with its qualities:

  • extra wide fabric (310cm) is ideal for large or shop window coverings;
  • when testing with up to 5m products, the fabric does not make waves and remains straight;
  • black reversible fabric;
  • flameproof, fabric class B1;
  • safe in especially sensitive environments, certificated according to Oeko-Tex standard;
  • suitable for wet environments, cleaned with a damp sponge;
  • suitable for working environments which use monitors;
  • the fabric has EN ISO 105-B02 certificate; it is highly resistant to wear and discoloration;
  • the fabric is stronger and thicker than other Black Out fabrics.

Live comfortably and in style!