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A novelty in the range of roller shutters!

We present you a novelty in the range of roller shutters! The new classic roller shutters CLASSIC with 77mm profile , which is durable and light, but extremely safe and resistant to external environment's effect. These roller shutters are made of high quality aluminum.

Thanks to their technical characteristics the roller shutters CLASSIC with 77mm profile are used for windows, doors and more frequently for garage doors. They can be mounted both during the construction and when the building is constructed. When used as the garage doors, the roller shutters take little space because they roll up to a compact box. They can be used not only for outdoors, but also for indoors in order to protect entries or warehouses against the trespassers. Features of the new roller shutters CLASSIC with 77mm profile:

  • The aluminum profile is environment-friendly, polyurethane foam filling has no refrigerant and other hazardous substances, and there is no cadmium in the paint;
  • Height of the profile is 77mm and its thickness is 19mm;
  • A special form and thickness of the profile cross section ensure the properties of extremely good resistance against mechanical effect for the roller shutters;
  • Extruded guides with high quality plastic gaskets, steel shaft;
  • They can be perfectly adapted in the passive house: they save energy which is necessary for space heating and cooling;
  • It is possible to purchase the products with air vents, windows, reinforced windward system and overrunning type brake;
  • They are controlled with electric power train which is operated with a switch and a remote control.
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