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Design Print House - even more opportunities for exclusively stilish windows!

We form our assortment in such way so that to find what will transform your home into stylish and harmonious oasis - after all, the most importantly, that each corner of your home would satisfy you and the items would be of high quality and perform their function impeccably. We invite you to Design Print Huose to choose from thousands of new patterns selected by us which are designed to cover all windows at your home.

If you want to decorate your windows with YOUR PHOTOGRAPH OR DRAWING - send us your desired picture of high quality and we will make sure that this picture will gladden you every day!

From now on, you no longer have to choose - beauty or function of the fabric. You just have to:

  • Choose the desired pattern or photograph - make sure that the picture is of high quality.
  • Depending on your room's space and necessary function of the roller, choose the fabric on which the picture will be transferred, this may be standard, Black Out (maximum protection from sunlight and completely darkened room) and Day - Night fabrics - adapted both for bath and kitchen, bedroom or living room.
  • Place the order to DOMUS LUMINA specialists and enjoy the exclusive decoration of your window!

Technical advantages of products of DESIGN PRINT HOUSE:

  • Excellent image quality - sharp contrasts, not blurring; 6 colours are used, the image quality reaches 1200 dpi;
  • 6 printer heads have 12.672 nozzles for firm and reliable print quality, the optimizer quickly fastens paint pigmentation on the fabric;
  • Short production time; no need to wait until the print dries - the fabric from the installation goes dry, complete and ready to use;
  • The production is resistant to scratching, guarantee of quality - for laminated press - 5 years, not-laminated - 3 years;
  • Third generation printer ink has the best features; non-flammable, nickel free;
  • Integrated spectrophotometer enables automatic calibration, the colours are evenly extracted over the print.

While decorating your home, you will be sure not only because of its quality and great view but also because you receive safe, qualitative, long-term product - the fabrics of rollers are certified by quality certificates GREENGUARD GOLD and ECOLOGO which guarantee that the fabrics are safe to use and in extremely sensitive to quality premises - kindergartens, schools, medical facilities; these fabrics do not impact the environment.