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Domus Lumina Day-Night Print Line collection had an addition of 25 new patterns!

When autumn brightens the trees with fiery colors, we all feel the need to bring some accents into our homes and revive our surroundings. Here at Domus Lumina we closely follow the newest and most popular trends in interior design and would love to present our new Day-Night Print Line collection fabrics!

25 new patterns will enchant with it's modern geometrical shapes, soft watercolors, exotic plants and brave outlines. Anyone will be able to find their favorites that will fit in perfectly in the kitchens, children rooms, bedrooms or livingrooms. Now, when Print Line collection has a wider range, it will be even easier to find similar lines and shapes that will echo the style of the interior of any home. Experimenting with patterns shouldn‘t be scary, matching colors with the accents at home can create perfect harmony and playfulness of color that will delight you and your guests and add stylish cozyness.

We are proud that we are the only ones in Lithuania who can offer you such a wide collection of Day Night Print Line fabrics, the production of which requires precision, carefulness and accurateness. In production of Day Night fabrics taking place in DOMUS LUMINA Design print house latex paint is used. It is water based pigment paint with an artificial polymer solvent. The base of liquid ink is made of: 70% of water, 29% of solvent and 1% of various additives. Thanks to them a very high quality is achieved. This is another reason why these blinds are especially recommended for children's room and are safe for the environment. The Day Night blinds are becoming increasingly popular because of their uniqueness, and the patterns make them even more perfect and exceptional!