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Pantone colour of the year is already announced: how to make it embelish your home?

Nothing is more convincing than success! It is a challenge, which proves the strength of the company, as well as its potential for growth and development. The main causes and motivation for growth are satisfied customers and unconditional effort to provide the best products. This is why we are so happy to share with you such great news! DOMUS LUMINA has another new 4000m2 production area, where currently the production lines of wooden and aluminium blinds are operating, and the production of roller blinds and our other products is already on its way! We are very proud of these immense production changes, development and the ability to produce even higher quality and more functional unique design wooden blind ranges ‘Sunwood', ‘Fauxwood', ‘Timberlux' and 50mm aluminium horizontal blinds only for you! Today DOMUS LUMINA has probably the largest and richest assortment of wooden blinds not only in Lithuania, but also in whole Europe. New wooden blind ranges were selected considering your needs and everyone will find there something to choose from, whether seeking for naturalness, or wanting refined luxury.

Precision, the most advanced technology, highest quality components and an innovative equipment from the most reliable manufacturers enable to produce even the most complicated and tailor-made products in our new production lines as easy and of the same quality, as the standard ones.

Choosing DOMUS LUMINA wooden or aluminium blinds you will receive a perfect synthesis of creativity, design and production! Do not miss the opportunity to refresh and choose your favourite blinds from our newest collections for 2019-2020, which can decorate not only your home, but also commercial premises!

Meanwhile our team says a sincere thank you for encouraging us to constantly grow and develop!