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Domus Lumina products are already at the modern bus station in Ukmergė!

Ukmergė bus station is a unique project where experts from DOMUS LUMINA have applied a sun control system - lamels. This system does not make a heavy impression for the architecture of the building and turns it into a very modern and stylish one.
Technical solutions of the project:
  • designed stationary aluminium lamels type "Z";
  • at the request of the customer, the laminae were coated with a colour powder RAL 7024;
  • a total area of 540 square meters was covered;
  • lamels are long lasting and do not require technical maintenance;
  • they create an aesthetic and unique exterior of the building.
We are glad to contribute to the design of the modern bus station in Ukmergė by choosing stylish, high-quality and functional lamels!