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Fashion picks for Domus Lumina roller blinds collection 2016

As the spring is slowly approaching, global textile and home interior fairs, that we also had a chance to visit, revealed the newest window covering tendencies that we are eager to share with you. These colours and design trends will dominate throughout this year until the next spring. So now might be a good time to renew your home windows with these exceptional quality fabrics that reflect the newest window trends to delight your eye for several years to come.
Coffee and sand colours, that have been extremely popular over the last few years, are now being replaced with the shades of grey. Here you will find the widest range of textures, glossiness and patterns. Grey is also popular in other home textiles - furnishings, carpets and even in interior décor accents - you will certainly find a perfect fabric to complete you interior decor. There are also plenty of fabrics of various textures, graphics and geometric patterns that create an individual style and are excellent with grey tones.

The palette of dark colours is also becoming more diverse. Home spaces are being decorated with dark tones of various colours - dark green, dark grey and even black with various graphical patterns that are becoming increasingly more popular. Dark window coverings are no longer an exclusive accent for the bedroom, although another trend is that the bedroom space acquires more functions and becomes not only a place for sleep. Therefore, the décor elements of this room are supplemented with accents and fabrics characteristic to other home spaces. A windowsill of the window, decorated with dark fabric, may be enlivened with a bright accent - the eye is frequently delighted by a flash of raspberry or watermelon colors. According to the room interior, the decor may be accentuated with a yellow or vivid blue detail. In classical interior rooms we will certainly see copper and brass, i.e. brown and golden colours and accents.

Blue is extremely popular this season. It comes in various shades and tones - sky blue, sea blue, night blue - everyone can find something for his/her taste. Both the designers and clients are gradually turning back to nature, it's natural colours and shades, whereas blue has been unduly forgotten for quite some time and the time has come for it to return and delight us with it's soothing, deep blue tones in various styles of window coverings - in traditional roller blinds, pleated or vertical blinds. Depth and shadows, smoke or other elements of atmosphere - all these tendencies are ideally revealed in blue tones.

Those who are longing for bright colours are invited to meet the new trend of this spring - neon colours! These colours are glimmering both in single coloured fabrics and as bright patterns of neutral color roller blinds. Vibrating colours will provide the feeling of energy to any selected space and will delight your eye for more than just one season.