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For a lovely interior– the Pantone‘s colour king of the year 2020

On the way to 2020, Classic Blue was finally revealed as the most fashionable colour for the new year. While some people adore this colour, it does not leave a great impression to others. However, despite all the different opinions, many people would probably agree that this colour tone is exceptionally elegant and calming. It helps to focus and find both inner and outer peace. Classic Blue can decorate various styles of interior design and different window coverings unfold its charm perfectly.
  • Variety of means to meet every kind of needs

Night curtains, blinds, roller blinds, panel blinds or roman blinds- there are plenty of ways to cover your windows. Especially convenient is the fact that there is a variety of colours for these coverings to choose from, including blue. Products look differently in different designs, therefore, depending on individual needs, they can be easily adapted to various interior design styles, whether it is classic, Scandinavian, modern or any other.

You can also make the Pantone's colour of the year 2020 stand out by using various other details. One of them could be decorative cushions. It is an especially versatile accessory, whether you wish to decorate a living room or bedroom furniture. Not only blue cushions look tasteful, they also allow relaxing in a more convenient way, so why not consider them, if you are searching for ideas on how to surprise your friends or close ones?

Night curtains in the most fashionable colour this year harmoniously tie in with other interior elements, such as carpets or bed throws. This helps to create balance in the living space and it becomes even more inviting. Repeating elements in same colour tones help to create a more uniform room design and a pleasant ambience.

  • Matching with other colours

Classic Blue is very versatile. Despite being able to fit various interior design styles, it can be matched with both neutral and intense, bright colours. If you are dreaming of a calming living space, which would enable you to discover the inner harmony, it is recommended to select warm colour tones, such as creams, peaches, cocoa, soft greys and muted blues. For instance, dark window coverings or carpet goes well against light walls. Decorative cushions of several colours can also be used additionally.

For those who would like to create a subtle luxury, it is worth trying golden, pink, brown, sandy, grey and midnight blue tones. Night curtains in a slightly shimmering gold colour decorate a dark living room really well, as well as provide exclusive elegance. This spectacular combination can be softly muted with dusty pink and sandy cushions.

Those who long for the exotic, should try even more intense colours, such as burgundy, emerald, mustard, cold grey or brick orange. These colours help to create an intriguing atmosphere, which mesmerizes with its playfulness and brave choices. Emerald carpet, mustard roman blinds and cushions in Classic Blue are the accent pieces that bring more life to the living space and give it a unique character.

Looking for ways to refresh your interior? In a wide ‘Domus Lumina' range you can find not only various types of window coverings (roller blinds, blinds, panel blinds, roman blinds, day and night curtains), but also other décor elements. Use them to unfold the elegance of Classic Blue, the most fashionable Pantone's colour of this year.