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DOMUS LUMINA has contributed to design solutions of a professionally built and officially opened complex of offices - "Quadrum". Our team has proposed high-tech window blinds for covering windows of this very stylish, the most modern and largest complex of offices which has risen on the right bank of Neris. Products are designed according to a customer's needs - German quality, modern and precise mechanisms which are very easy to handle.
  • At the end of the project there will be covered more than 1 650 windows in this business center constituting more than 11 000 square meters.
  • A customer has chosen the window blinds that were made of the most modern and efficient solar protection fabric found in the market - a fabric called "Screen" - for most of the windows of the premises. The uniqueness of this fabric relies on the fact that breakdown of sun rays doesn't make premises a darker place and creates an acceptable environment for a human eye.
  • The fabric is translucent which is an advantage because it allows seeing an outside view from the inside even when windows are covered with blinds making it an ideal solution for office premises. Customer has chosen a fabric called "Screen" with a permeability of 3 % in order to ensure efficiency of a fabric on the upper floors of a building.
  • Window blinds which are made of a fabric called "Black Out" were chosen for the rooms (meeting rooms, conference halls) where projectors are to be used and rooms need to be especially dark. This fabric entirely blocks sun rays and fully dims a room.
  • Reliable mechanisms of windows blinds "PRESTIGE-44" and "PRESTIGE-65" were used which are manufactured in Germany and have particularly good operating characteristics. Plastic parts are resistant to temperature changes and wearing which ensures a long product life.
  • The control mechanism has an additional built-in spring that ensures an extremely easy management of a window covering. Window blinds which cover an area of up to 9 square meters are raised very easily by pulling a chain.
  • A metal chain which has been selected as a window decorating instrument provides an office space with luxurious elegance which matches a modern interior. The appearance of this type of chain remains unchanged even after many years.

"Quadrum" is the first business center in Lithuania which was designed and built according to the international standard "BREEAM" (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). We are pleased to contribute to the design solutions of a modern business center by offering stylish, high-quality and functional window covers!