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Introducing innovations: the Fabric Box outstanding collection!

Originality, subtle patterns and colours, functionality - these are the words that can be used to describe the new Domus Lumina collection of roller blinds. Harmonious tones, eclectic palletes, distinctive design and sophisticated textures in The Fabric Box collection create a perfect balance. Roller blinds made of these fabrics will perfectly fit in diverse interiors of apartments, individual houses, and other types of interiors.

Outstandingly wide selection of fabrics

The new collection of fabrics consists of as much as 150 distinctive colours: neutral, dusky and dramatic tones are merged across 3 remarkable collections creating exceptional combinations:

  • Splash and Bella collections shares 60 colours offering a mirrored pallete of different colours. These fabrics present a rich textured finish and emulate luxury;
  • Vitra range has been extended with 30 additional tones: the soft sheen base cloth is complemented with a strong colour pallete which injects more luminosity into the space.

The tones merging in the collections create a perfect harmony of classic and contemporary styling.

Ingenuity in design for original interior

Gentle florals and intricate detailing encapsulate timeless delicacy whilst striking symmetry, intrepid stripes and metallic elements emulate urban modernity. Epitomising the collection are unique designs and distinctive colour combinations, inspired by the grandeur of nature. This is how your new roller or vertical blinds can become an indispensable accent in your home space.

If you want to give your interior an exotic twist, these are the fabrics you should choose for your window blinds. The new collection features elements of tropics, such as palm leaves and florals. Depending on the effect you want to create, you can choose from soft natural tones to bright eye-catching colours.

The Fabric Box collection for roller blinds is one of the best options for those valuing modern and functional elements of interior. Outstanding design ensures good protection from sun and unwanted glances, with metallic elements further enhancing the iridescent glimmer of the fabrics.

Abundance of textures: subtlety and luxury

As mentioned earlier, the fabrics in the new collection are rich in textures. Roller blinds and other window blinds made of these fabrics will emulate luxurious interior. Subtle designs, delicate threads, silky metallic and tonal weaves create amazing textures. Explore the full pallete straight away.

Easy care: where style meets functionality

Functional and stylish, the new The Fabric Box fabrics are also easycare. Thanks to exclusive properties, they can be used in a kitchen or a bathroom and cleaned using conventional cleaning products. Easicare collection meets all the standards of modern homes.

If you are considering new window blinds, then roller blinds made of the fabrics from The Fabric Box collection is an option truly worth considering. Be the first ones to try these exceptional products and enjoy your beautifully decorated home!