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Introducing our new Squid fabric film!

Introducing our new Squid fabric film! Simply paste it directly onto the window! The special Squid fabric film fits easily fit into your home and comes in a choice of five natural shades: Rock, Ash, Chalk, Bone and Oak.

Squid is distinguished by a number of exclusive features:

  • Like a one-way mirror, the film is transparent when looking out the window but you cannot view in through it.
  • Reflects up to one third of the sunlight!
  • Perfect for spaces that tend to accumulate moisture.
  • Pasting the film does not require any additional equipment or the help of a specialist. Simply paste it yourself using the easy to follow instructions!
  • Thanks to its heat and sunlight resistance, Squid film is easily re-pasted and it will not leave any glue marks! No size limits. The film can be cut to any size and pasted in one piece.

Squid fabric film - another great addition to our collection for non-standard and hard to reach windows!