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    New! 16-25mm ALUMITEX venetian blinds: 50 stunning textures!

    Dear clients, we would like to present our new stunning venetian blinds! From now on we are offering ALUMITEX venetian blinds in 16-25mm slat widths. The new slat collection includes 50 amazing textures and shades that will inspire designers and homeowners to create stylish spaces at home or work!

    A few decades ago these blinds were mostly widely used in office buildings, but today venetian blinds have conquered their way into our homes and help control the light in any purpose room. ALUMITEX aluminum blinds are resistant to humid environments and are easy to look after so they can be used even in bathrooms and kitchens!

    Just like all venetian blinds – ALUMITEX blinds have great privacy qualities, they provide privacy from the outside and protect from direct sunlight. The collection includes perforated slats that provide privacy without completely stopping the light from coming through and stops reflections appearing on computer and TV screens. 


    Today we notice how easily designers incorporate aluminum venetians into modern interior, couple them with elegant curtains or make a stylish statement just with the use of textured slats. In the new collection you will find:

    • Metallic collection – slats with shiny metallic surface, with brushed or pressed in markings;
    • Glossy collection – slat variation in modern and stylish colors to match all interiors;
    • Velour effect – velour is in fashion everywhere, now you can have it on venetian blind slats!
    • Matt collection – a lovely variety of shades in beautiful matt effect
    • Natural collection – wood textured or painted slats that will substitute real wooden blinds and add a hint of warmth and nature to the interior.

    You can have a look at the slats in our gallery.

    We never stop developing and updating our assortment with the best solutions for window covering. Everything you need or wish to have is here at Domus Lumina and we will keep listening to your wishes and needs and present you with endless possibilities of window covers and other accessories.

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