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Strength, longevity and modernity - all in one! This season we introduce our new awning - Moderno.
Best quality ensured by LLAZA company's patented system. LLAZA products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the directives for length, strength, resistance and safety stipulated by European norm unE-En 13561:2004 + A1:2009.
Moderno awning has a full cassette cover. The cassette allows the construction and fabric to fully retract and close up inside, which helps with the awning upkeep. Unlike other awnings, Moderno has it's arm springs concealed so the product will maintain a clean and modern look.
This awning is a good choice for those who live in windier areas - Moderno has a second class wind resistance (for up to 480cm in length). To make the evenings outside cosier - the awning cassette has an integrated LED lighting.
To diversify the awning, You can choose from 3 different construction colours: white, silver, anthracite and a wide variety of fabrics that will captivate with a choice of patterns and colours.