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New blackout fabrics - scandinavian quality and naturality!

We would like to present a novelty that will conquer all the hearts of trendy colours lovers!
Nine pleasantly neutral colours will liven up the windows and decorate the surroundings.
"Black Out" fabrics are very functional when complete darkening of the room is required. The fabric is covered in acrylic layer, which stops the sunlight and ensures a good sleep without any light disturbances coming from outside.
  • Only "Black Out" fabrics can ensure 100% opacity. They are perfect for bedrooms, photography studios, or rooms with projector;
  • The back of the fabric is white, which reflects most of the sunlight and looks neat from the outside;
  • Neutral palette of the fabrics will look stylish and professional at home or office.

Discover "Black Out" and other functional fabrics аt our showrooms!