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New hottest season colours in awning fabric assortment!

This season we are offering 127 new fabrics to choose from for the awning of Your choice! Only at Domus Lumina You will always find one of the biggest fabric assortments that have great quality. The new fabrics will surprise You with their harmonious color palettes and amazing qualities:

  • Acrylic is a synthetic material that ensures best fabric quality, strength and longevity. Acrylic awning fabrics are made out of 100% acrylic fiber. Impregnated with TEFLON® or SCOTCHGARDTM fabrics become resistant to water (up to 300mm) and dirt. The fabrics are chemically treated so they are less likely to fade. The solution also makes them less prone to bleaching out in the sun. Acrylic fiber tends to work just like a UV filter - according to official UV radiation scale, acrylic has 7-8 UV resistance coefficient.
  • Waterproof fabrics are characterised by their water resistance (up to 800mm). Woven fabrics together with impregnating technologies create great air permeability even during hottest days. Oeko-Tex® association ensures that waterproof acrylic impregnation is not toxic.

With the new and practical awning fabrics you will be able to enrich Your terrace with long lasting and cosy materials, and protect Your friend and family gatherings from sun and rain.