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    New! Mirage blinds

    “Mirage” blinds are a newest creation, that is taking over the window blind market. A combination of two classical products is reborn in a yet unseen form – curtain-like fabric vanes, that are controlled the same way as vertical blinds. Fabric vanes partially overlay each other and create a continuous flow of fabric. Fabric vane composition contains transparent and opaque parts that fulfil the day and night fabric functions. “Mirage” is a unique solution, that provides the subtle daylight control and ensures privacy at the same time. The curtains perfectly keep the sunlight away when closed and retain the view when open.

    • Easily controlled – the vanes can be moved to each side of the window, using a wand or a string.
    • Privacy – the vanes can be rotated to give full or partial privacy from outsiders;
    • Functionality – a possibility to walk through the blind – in between the vanes - without having to open them completely. Perfect for terrace entrances and balconies.
    • Easy to look after – fabric vanes are dirt-resistant; In case of staining, separate vanes can be dismounted and handwashed.
    • Safe – “Mirage” contains “Child safety” accessories that ensure the safety of children.
    • Practical – there’s ability to choose curtains with different length of vanes.


    Curtain vanes come in 5 stylish colors that will fit in with any office environment or a cozy home:

    • White (Whisper 07)
    • Cream (Whisper 08)
    • Light grey (Whisper 09)
    • Black (Whisper 10)
    • Grey – anthracite (Whisper 11)

    More information on the product can be found here.

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