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New pleated blinds with two fabrics - type 4 DUO!

Here in Domus Lumina we just had an addition of a new pleated blind product - type IV pleated blind DUO
These blinds are special because of their ability to control both fabrics separately. This possibility allows to choose different fabrics like day and night, shimmery and matt, or dark and light fabrics and constantly create different moods.
Controlled by handles, each fabric can be adjusted separately up and down, closing different parts of the window.
With these pleated blinds you can:
  • Decorate your windows with two fabrics instead of one;
  • Adjust the fabrics by using handles - no tangled and confusing cords;
  • By choosing a day and night fabric you can completely darken the room at any time of day.

At Domus Lumina we always listen to our clients and find the most intelligent solutions for stylish windows.