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Non-standard DOMUS LUMINA solutions for non-standard spaces!

Domus Lumina- Nacionalines pasyvaus namo asociacijos nare

In modern architecture, designers increasingly more often prefer triangle, trapeze, asymmetrical and other non-standard shapes of windows in their spaces. To stay in pace with the newest design and interior trends and to adapt to the cutting-edge technologies, DOMUS LUMINA not only finds a solution for each window, but also tries to offer You the widest possible assortment. For you convenience, here are the new horizontal types of aluminium blinds for non-standard windows!

We have another excellent solution for triangle or trapeze shaped windows - you can decorate your windows not only with wooden, pleated or vertical blinds, but also non-standard horizontal aluminium blinds! These blinds can be made with a maximum heeling angle of 45o. They are ideal for both plastic and wooden windows.

We are happy to see that the popular aluminium blinds have now become much more functional and easier to fit in non-standard spaces.