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Pantone announced a colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016 which radiates TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH and OPTIMISM!

With headquarters in USA, Pantone Colour Institute, an authority of colour world, which introduces trendiest colours twice a year, finally announced the outstanding colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016.

Colours in the interior as in the fashion world occupy a special place. Even though sometimes it seems that our refined taste no longer can be surprised with something new or unique, there is always something new that refreshes our body and soul.

TRANQUILITY, STRENGTH and OPTIMISM is the primary feelings which you will feel in the colour palette announced by Pantone. These were the main sources of inspiration for the representatives of the Colour Institute when selecting the colours for the upcoming season. And exactly this is what we need in our chaotic, stressful and dynamic environment. Therefore if you decide to create and decorate your home according to the trendiest colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016, you will create an oasis of calm.

The blue colour which symbolizes stability and radiates warmth, tranquillity and tenderness in the interior is still the king of the colour palette for Fall/Winter 2016 announced by Pantone. The colour Riverside is cool and soothing, strong and stable, it gives a subtle liveliness and sophistication, but also it is steady and classic. Meanwhile the colour Airy Blue associates with lightness and freedom, tranquillity and brightness, and it is very close to the colour of the year - Serenity. The bluish window coverings will perfectly fit the white, grey or dark blue interior details and will make your room exceptional. They will also fit the darker interiors unpretentiously. The fabrics of this colour are especially recommended not only for the girls' or boys' rooms, but also for the living rooms and bedrooms.

The colour Sharkskin radiates stability. The colours Warm Taupe or Potter's Clay will give you the feeling of peace and will allow you to sleep well. These colours are secured and stable, earthly and steady, timeless classic. In the range of DOMUS LUMINA you will find many products of these colours which you will be able to adapt to your stylish interior. Especially these products will fit in the minimal interior. These colours are popular for other home textiles such as furniture drapes, carpets, interior decor details, so you will surely find the fabric which fits your home interior and details best.

The autumn can not be imagined without pink and red colours which remind us the falling rosy and colourful leaves! The red tone Aurora Red or Dusty Cedar warms you and gives you confidence. These tones create a luxury feeling in the interior. Plus they bring you optimism and energy to do something, create and move.

In the wide range of DOMUS LUMINA you will surely find the especially trendy this season violet colour (Bodacious). It is bright, unexpected and universal colour which turns the fashion accents into the main details. And also the colour Spicy Mustard which has the sharper yellow tone than the yellow colour you have ever seen. With these colours your spaces will look fresh, spicy and exotic. And of course do not forget the popular green colour which still reminds the summer (Lush Meadow). It is rich, vivid, sophisticated, bold and unique.
We invite you to meet the autumn full of tranquillity, strength and optimism together with these outstanding and incredible colours!
Let's create the cosiness TOGETHER.