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Pantone colour of the year is already announced: how to make it embelish your home?

The announcement of the colour of the year is one of the most anticipated events that the design industry specialists await. Pantone‘s choice for this year is Living Coral. This shade is introduced as lighthearted, relaxing, cosy and warming. The last year‘s Ultra Violet showed a non-traditional, exceptional thinking, however, this year encourages optimism and joy. So how to match this one of the strongest interior design tendencies with curtains and other window coverings?

  • Why choose Living Coral for home?

On one hand this colour seems to be calming and relaxing, nevertheless, it is vivid and vibrant. This peculiar combination adds unique as well as universal qualities to the colour. Therefore the pink shade of corals can be applied as a main as well as an accent piece.

According to the Pantone institute, this colour was chosen to make our daily surroundings more natural. Living Coral is positive, it represents interpersonal relationships and the feeling of hope. This colour can help curtains or roller blinds to create cosy and warm atmosphere at home, at the same time keeping up with the newest trends of interior design.

  • How to apply it to window coverings?

The easiest way to create cosy home is to carefully use all the details including window coverings. Window decoration is very important as it can help to visually widen the space and to fill it with various emotions. It is important to understand that it is not only a mere tool to protect yourself from sights of passers-by.

If you want this trendy colour to embelish your home, it is worth noting certain peculiarities. We provide you with some advice:

  • Make your window covering an accent piece. Roller blinds, curtains, roller shutters or other window coverings can become a great accent piece of a room. However, make sure that there are more pieces in the same coral tone, for example - pillow cases, bed covers, rugs or lamps.
  • Combine other colours. Living Coral goes particularly well with white, pale gray, deep blue, white coffee, milk chocolate, bluish green, forest tones. The peculiar, playful effect accentuating this trendy colour is created applying these tones. 
  • Get wanted effect with texture and richness. If you wish to create a strong, sophisticated effect, choose matte, as if muted tones. If you lack cosiness, warmth, choose more warm, stronger coral or other matching tones. If you want more calm, choose soft, pale, barely noticeable tones.

Roller blinds, as well as curtains, blinds or other window coverings are a great way to apply the trendy colour tendency. You only need to reflect before decorating what effect in which room you want to create and consistently work towards it. If you are not sure about your choice, you can always talk it over with our consultants or you can simply request our consultant coming to your home. He will help you to decide about the best tones as well as the type and size of the covering. Do not hesitate aplying this charming colour as it will instantly fill your home with cosiness, peculiarity and comfort, created by your window coverings, which you will be able to enjoy years to come.