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Six new "Day - Night" collections are already at Domus Lumina salons!

Let's start the new year feeling refreshed - we introduce you the long anticipated addition to our fabric collection called "Day - Night".

Six carefully selected collections fit seamlessly into the range of fabrics and fascinate with their colours, textures and patterns:

  • Collection "Elegance" includes four luxuriously shiny fabrics. See-through strips remind of a most luxurious day curtain. They are completely transparent, and the heterogeneous colour of the fabric hypnotizes and catches the attention. The colours that are used help these fabrics create the feeling of luxury and timelessness in your interior.
  • "Diamond" fabrics catch the eye because of their texture - see-through fabric insertions gently filter the light, and the earth tone colour fabrics create an image of a diamond shaped pattern.
  • Collection "Geo" fascinates with its' of forms and lines. Earth tone colours look good in any interior.
  • Collection "Elipse" - is truly exceptional. As if it was embroidered with lines, the texture of the "night" strips reminds of a 3D effect, however the real surprise is the patterned transparent insertion into the fabric. The colours that create the feeling of calmness let the beauty of the texture shine and intensifies the overall impression.
  • The playful collection "Colorino" - for those who seek colours and unconventional textures. The "Day" strips are made of a large mesh that helps the light to enter the space; the colourful strips look like they were coloured with crayons. Ten gentle, pastel colours will bring coziness to your space - it is an exceptionally good choice for a child's room.
  • "Savana" - is for those that have an extravagant taste; and those who are bored of classics and geometry. It is as if the vibrant colours take us back to nature, remind of a tree trunk, animal fur or even pattern of a stone - let your fantasy go wild! As you look at the new window covers, travel to places you have never been!

As we carefully select fabrics for our new collections, we hope to make our clients happy and surprise them with unexpected patterns and colours - with these fabrics, your home will start shining in a completely new light! The fabrics are easy to dry clean, and are suitable even for wide windows.

You will be able to see and touch these and many other fabrics if you come to our salons. You are always welcome!