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Technologies and renewable natural resources are now available for your home windows as well!

Nowadays, it is particularly important to choose and use safe products that are healthy, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. We are oriented to intelligent solutions that save time and costs and can turn everyday domestic worries into pleasure.
Domus Lumina specialists devote their everyday work so that our clients could enjoy each feel of their windows and the synthesis of home cosiness, beauty and comfort could be easily realised.
If you decided to buy new or replace your current window coverings with more comfortable, functional and automated solution, Domus Lumina offers you to buy products with battery-powered motors - these are classical roller systems, horizontal aluminium blinds and pleated blinds!
You can choose this option without investing additional time and funds to the installation of electricity outlet near the windows, because the coverings can be controlled without the connection to the electricity mains. Rechargeable batteries are cost-saving and function for a very long time.
For your convenience - here is another especially attractive innovation: automatic control of pleated blinds with solar batteries! This solution is ideal for roof windows!
Exclusive quality and durability is ensured by automation producer "Somnify" - the expert of exclusive solutions for the automatic control of products.