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The biggest new this Spring is the pleated blinds collection 2017!


We are exited to present the biggest new this Spring - the pleated blinds collection 2017, created just for you, our dear customers!

Fresh, close to nature and naturalness, but at the same time full of exquisite luxury and elegance the newest collection is created according both to the latest pleated blinds fabric trends and the demand of the most popular fabrics. In this collection you will find almost 150 new fabrics! The new collection will fascinate you with textures, patterns and colours which will help you to feel the exclusivity of home interior provided by the pleated blinds.

15 charming collections selected and classified by different criteria:

  • colours - Spells of white (white), Silver shadow (silver/grey), Caramel mocha (brownish) and Rainbow dash (collection of bright coloured fabrics);
  • texture - Savannah, Fresh linen (collection of natural textures and colours; linen, cloth, bamboo texture);
  • luxury collection - Royal deluxe and Timeless classic (fabrics of classical patterns, luxury textures and colours);
  • purpose - Daydream (clear, transparent fabrics for day), Happy days (collection for children's room);
  • general characteristics - Metallic shine (metallic and shiny fabrics), Pearl shell (crumpled fabrics of pearl shine), Black out (fabrics which completely darken the room), Palma (double fabrics of unique design which keep the heat), Palma BO (two ply fabrics: one ply is black out ideal for skylights).

The fabrics from the newest pleated blinds collection are ideal both for new trends lovers and those who appreciate classical style. The fabrics SINAI attract with their elegance, strength and durability is guaranteed by S and Z yarn combinations, and in the fabric you can find natural linen. NEVADA will cheer you with its silky matted surface; ORDOS - with rich colours and special weaving technology; TIRARI - with spectacular jacquard stitch pattern; RECIFE fabrics amaze with IKAT dyeing technology. This is only a few fabric groups.

Visit our salons and assure yourself that the pleated blinds collection 2017 is exclusively diverse and rich!