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This slogan proves the company's strength and its potential to grow and to expand. Satisfied clients and uncompromising efforts to present you the best product is the main reason and the driving force of this growth. We are proud to present you an exclusive opportunity in the entire Baltic region to acquire vertical and pleated blinds of PRESTIGE line. Only DOMUS LUMINA was entrusted with the production of the products by using the advanced and globally recognised equipment of the German producer BENTHIN that would allow us to produce even better quality, more functional and excellent design blinds PRESTIGE. The advantages of this line are as follows:

  • German precision, cutting-edge technologies and top quality components and equipment from a single producer allowing us to produce even the most complex and customised products with the same quality and simplicity as the standard ones;
  • innovative equipment - varying fabric cutting speed for the most precise measurements and lamination of the fabric, changeable width of the cut for pleated fabrics by using trapeze-shaped knife, air-cooled drilling of fabric from both sides;
  • BETHIN equipment and the products made with this equipment are certified according to the safety and quality standards EN 9001:2000, CE, EMC, EN 13120:2009;
  • the system is made of extruded (cast) aluminium profiles characterised by excellent durability and resistance properties as well as high-quality plastic parts that are resistant to temperature variations and attrition;
  • special accessories to ensure the safety of children in case of chain or cord operated blinds - a holder which prevents from the formation of a loop and a cord which breaks in case of load that exceeds 6 kg, thus, avoiding the situation when the children are tangled in the "loop-style" cord; the cord is fitted at the height of at least 150 cm from the ground.

By choosing the vertical and pleated blinds of Prestige line, you will receive a perfect synthesis of creativity, design and production! The products of this line - the fittings, components and technologies - come from one and the most reliable hands.