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Like a breath of fresh air the blinds with a SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric become a work of art, a unique detail for your windows! You just have to use your imagination and to pick out the desirable design from wide collections of Design Print House of DOMUS LUMINA or to create the blinds with your image. Then our team will realize your dream and transfer it on SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric by printing.
Benefits of SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric:
  • this fabric is one of the highest quality, the most modern and green products in the market;
  • it ensures the permeability of light in the room;
  • it fully disperses the sunlight, does not darken the room and creates a comfy environment;
  • the fabric is transparent, and it is a benefit, because you can see the outside, even when the windows are covered;
  • this fabric perfectly suits the offices, as it protects the computer screen from reflecting the sunlight;
  • it darkens the blinding sunlight, so you do not need to narrow your lids;
  • it is perfect for all types of blinds;
  • you get a two-in-one product - it is beautiful and functional.
Photo blinds are trending and become increasingly popular! It is a unique decoration for your home which will become stylish and exclusive. With photo blinds you can create the added value for your business by transferring your company's name, logo and other graphic elements on the fabric. By choosing the photo blinds with SCREEN PRINT LINE fabric, you will get the product of the highest quality and functionality. Also, the blinds will look exceptional on your windows.
The only limit is your imagination, so free your fantasy and become your own home designers!