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This year promises indeed big changes in interior design world. If you are planning to renew your window treatments or to purchase the new ones, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the newest window treatment trends. According to global textile and home decorating trends DOMUS LUMINA advises how to create fashionable home and which window treatments will dominate 2017!

Shades of dark green will dominate throughout the year. Roller blinds, pleated blinds or vertical blinds of this colour can become the accent of your interior or create a Scandinavian style atmosphere which is still one of the most stylish ones.

For those who want to be unique we recommend the window treatments of sparkling colours. They are bright, metallic or metalized, have a colour of unpolished quartz or opal, which will brighten the interior up and will provide a hint to space, sky and cosmos! That will be ensured by a returning trend - newly designed aluminium venetian blinds. Meanwhile sea blue colour will be a new black colour in 2017, and bedrooms will be full of fashionable intense, romantic colours, such as ruby, raspberry or caramel - this is especially emphasized by USA website which writes about home interior. If you wish to create a serenity oasis, we recommend choosing white, porcelain, camel, muted rose, greyish, bone or milk white colours - these are the colours which symbolize originality and natural look. Wood and wooden blinds are the most natural looking blinds and they will be especially stylish!

Interior designers get their inspiration from nature, the environment and the most famous fashion houses, so this year plant and floral motifs will remain fashionable. These motifs are popular in DOMUS LUMINA collections of roller blinds and pleated blinds. Special liveliness to the interior will be given by the floral roman blinds or curtains which will perfectly fit the plain sofa or other neutral interior details.

Geometric patters, unusual shapes and simple lines - another interior trend of this year. And you certainly will not lose by choosing roller blinds, panel blinds or curtains with these patterns from DOMUS LUMINA rich collections!

In the interior of 2017 the butterflies will be even more popular! Butterflies land not only on window treatments designed for children's room. They become the symbol of elegance and optimism. The perfect example is patterns created by the designer Agnė Kuzmickaitė!

The trend to divide the room into several zones is returning, and the perfect fit for that is stylish panel blinds or glass partitions manufactured by DOMUS LUMINA. In this way it creates privacy, but at the same time keeps comfort, ease, a way to communicate and to be like in the same place.

Accessory is one of the main trends of the season. Therefore use the special opportunity offered by DOMUS LUMINA and match the cushions, bedspreads, tablecloths and our other sewn textile products with window treatments. It is a wonderful feeling when the window treatments match decor elements which are in the same space. No need to talk about luxury and maximum comfort when any window treatment can be operated with just one click of the button. Automated window treatments become a part of our everyday lives and they will always be trendy!

Do not be afraid to combine at first glance incompatible patterns or different textures and factures. This trend was identified as one of the brightest trends of 2017 in Milan and Paris fashion week. For example, create cushions from several fabrics of different texture and pattern, and select roller blinds in completely neutral ivory colour. Or select the roller blinds with three dimensional (3D) images which will create optical illusion, and choose neutral colours for the walls. Digital printing is becoming increasingly popular, and our Design print house is for those who are looking for unconventional ways to decorate their windows!

If you want to have an exceptional, unique and trendy home, you can be your space designers. Very often the best solutions come unexpectedly when we let our imagination to work!